Genedata Expressionist

Characterization of Biotherapeutics

Genedata Expressionist® is a powerful software solution that revolutionizes the data processing, analysis, management, and reporting of metabolomics, proteomics and biotherapeutics characterization studies based on mass spectrometry.

In particular, Genedata Expressionist accelerates state-of-the-art characterization processes from research to production, from high-throughput plate-based screening to deep characterization studies and quality control of production lots. Offering complete automation across instruments and labs, the software streamlines complex processes such as peptide mapping and intact protein mass, released glycan, and host cell protein analyses. With intuitive visualization, flexible reporting, and data and method management, Genedata Expressionist ensures reproducible high-quality results with significant time and cost savings.

Experience another dimension in characterization of biotherapeutics.

Intact Proteins


Peptide Mapping


Host Cell Proteins


Released Glycans



Tailored Applications

Genedata Expressionist serves all MS application needs with a single enterprise software solution.

  • Built-in applications for biotherapeutics characterization, as well as for metabolomics and proteomics
  • Agile application workflows can be tailored to match specific lab process and application requirements
  • Custom software development to address unmet scientific or business needs

End-to-end Automation

Genedata Expressionist accelerates productivity by orders of magnitude while ensuring reproducible, quality results.

  • Automating the process from raw data to final report in a single click, yet giving full control throughout the process
  • Method management enables standardization and harmonization and guarantees reproducibility—even across organizations
  • Unparalleled scalability and performance on data sets of all sizes and complexity: hours instead of days, and hundreds of samples in parallel

Complete Integration

Genedata Expressionist integrates and manages data across instruments and labs, supporting global collaboration.

  • Single software platform integrates raw data from all LC– and GC–MS instruments across projects and labs
  • Integrated data and project management facilitates global collaboration and data sharing
  • Electronic signatures, data traceability, audit trails, and chain of custody together with method management support deployment in regulated environments

Insightful Decisions

Genedata Expressionist improves and accelerates decision-making and streamlines reporting from raw data to final result.

  • Unbiased view of the data enables detection of the unexpected, avoiding critical biopharma quality issues
  • Intuitive visualization enables pattern recognition, better interpretation, and easier verification
  • Best-in-class algorithms and cutting-edge statistical analysis enables deep insight into complex data
  • Linkage of final results with processed and raw data facilitates validation and deep understanding of data
  • Flexible reporting capabilities drive effective decision-making

Premium Consulting

Genedata successfully works with each of the top 25 pharma companies on many different projects.

  • Highly experienced scientific consultants and peer-to-peer scientific collaboration help solve your technical challenges and support you in optimizing your data analysis processes
  • Scientific experts offer personalized training and setup of customized processing workflows to solve your every need
  • Partnering approach incorporates best ideas and practices across leading biopharma customers into updates of Genedata Expressionist, while shared investment significantly reduces cost of ownership
  • Custom software development to address unmet scientific or business needs
  • Track record of integration into legacy and current IT environments and future architectural needs