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Streamlining Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Why has mass spectrometry (MS) become an essential analytical technology throughout biopharma? MS is highly sensitive, widely applicable, and delivers information-rich data that provides insights at the molecular level. However, MS instruments generate large and complex data sets that can accumulate very quickly and require robust bioinformatic approaches for processing, analysis, and reporting.

This is where Genedata comes in.

Getting the Most Out of MS

  • Streamlines and automates MS analysis through complete integration across instruments and laboratories to deliver high-quality and reproducible results
  • Provides best-in class analysis and reporting solutions, configurable to your workflow and with intuitive visualization for accurate interpretation of results and faster decision-making
  • Reduces development costs, attrition rates, and time to market by accelerating processing of MS data sets of all sizes in a resource- and time-effective manner
  • Leverages industry’s best practices in MS data management and advanced MS data analysis in standardized and regulated environments
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Spearheading Adoption of MAM

  • Provides long-standing expertise in Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) requirements and efficient and robust MAM implementations
  • Supports a Quality-by-Design approach by enabling a comprehensive understanding of the product and production process
  • Automates MAM monitoring to eliminate error-prone manual steps and increase productivity
  • Uncovers unexpected contaminants and product variants through new-peak detection
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State-of-the-Art Characterization

  • Provides efficient peptide mapping analysis out-of-the-box for quantification of post translational modifications, sequence variants, and glycosylation
  • Supports mass analysis of intact antibodies and their subunits using advanced and proprietary algorithms to remove artifacts or differentiate coeluting species
  • Performs accurate and fast glycoanalysis using reference and custom glycan libraries
  • Enables innovative data processing strategies across multiple samples and data sets, significantly reducing manual operations
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Monitoring Product Quality

  • Enables users to flexibly design and deploy diverse MS-based strategies for identification and detection of host cell proteins (HCPs) and other contaminants
  • Automatically performs process-specific system suitability tests (SSTs) and monitors deviations in instrument performance for seamless product quality assessments with minimal process downtime
  • Automatically generates and distributes custom reports for real-time notification of relevant stakeholders to support timely decision-making
  • Provides all necessary compliance functionalities out-of-the-box, including secure client-server communication and full audit trail
  • Offers locked-down workflows to facilitate smooth deployment in regulated environments
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Software for MS-based Bioanalytics

Genedata Expressionist, Genedata Screener, and Genedata Biologics provide streamlined software solutions for the processing, analysis, and reporting of MS data in any bioanalytical application.

Delivering MS-Based Bioanalytics Solutions to our Customers


Automating MS Data Processing, Analysis, & Reporting at Bayer

"Automated data processing and report generation provide remarkable time-savings in all our MS-based biopharmaceutical characterization applications." Juliet Padden, Ph.D., Laboratory Head of Analytical Development at Bayer Pharmaceuticals.


Achieving True High-Throughput HCP Analysis at Novozymes

"High-throughput host-cell protein analysis simply doesn’t work unless you have an efficient automated data processing and annotation workflow." Anders Giessing, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Novozymes A/S, Lyngby, Denmark


Increasing Productivity in MAM Quality Monitoring at Merck

“Automating data processing allows operators without MS experience to routinely analyze samples while ensuring the compliance level expected for Process Validation.” Cédric Mesmin, Ph.D., Mass Spectrometry Specialist, Merck Biodevelopment


Digitalizing Biotherapeutic Developability Assays at Sanofi

"Working with Genedata provides us with fast, flexible, and reliable options to discover potential biotherapeutic liabilities and thoroughly analyze next-generation antibodies." Soraya Hölper, Ph.D., Laboratory Head Mass Spectrometry, Sanofi.