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The diversity and complexity of therapeutic modalities, such as cell and gene therapies and RNA, is increasing. Scientists require innovative, purpose-built software to facilitate day-to-day laboratory work and to interpret complex biological data so they can identify the best drug candidates, the optimal high-titer production cell lines, the most economical process conditions, or the responders and non-responders in a patient population.

This is where Genedata comes in.

Seamless. All Data in One Place.

Genedata provides a fully integrated digital platform connecting all groups and functions in biopharma R&D organizations across research to development to translational and clinical research. All data is tracked along the overall R&D workflow, integrating molecules, cells, samples, processes, and patients – from start to finish in one unified system. This simplifies data entry, data processing, and analysis, regardless of whether it's for bispecific antibody engineering, NGS-based cell line development, or patient stratification for cell therapies.

Simplifying Daily Work. Every Day.

Struggling with data handling, reporting, double-data entry, or just getting the data from your lab instruments into a report?  Effective data management is more essential than ever for the future delivery of innovative biopharmaceutical drugs. Novel multi-specific antibodies, cell and gene therapies, RNA vaccines, immuno-oncology drugs – the Genedata platform can model any process and provides ready-to-use functionalities that meet real-world R&D requirements. Easy-to-use step-by-step wizards enable even first-time users to quickly get up and running. Built-in tools facilitate data interpretation and provide detailed analysis reports at the click of a button.

R&D Evolves Fast. Flexibility is Key.

The Genedata platform delivers the best of both worlds – out-the-box functionality of an off-the-shelf solution and the full flexibility of custom software to meet the rapid advances in biopharma R&D. New molecule formats, new processes, new instruments – no need to ask a software engineer. Users can quickly integrate new functionality into the overall workflow using Genedata’s unique codeless configuration technology. By reducing process complexity and automating data operations, scientists have more time for the work that really matters – discovering and developing breakthrough therapies faster to improve outcomes sooner for patients worldwide.

Our Customer Stories


Informed Decision-Making Along the R&D Process

“Our teams constantly bring in new science and innovative technologies that require custom workflows, additional metadata, or integration with robotics and automation equipment. By having the Genedata enterprise platform as our central data backbone, we can build our own in-house solutions around it and keep all the information secure, stable, and accessible in one central place.”


Higher-Quality, More Reliable Data

“The easy integration of high-quality, information-rich MS data from Genedata Expressionist into our existing Genedata Screener data analysis platform means that we can take full advantage of the increase in speed and data quality that AMI-MS provides.”


Faster Development of Bispecific Antibodies

Genedata helps Amgen to enhance the developability of bispecific antibodies enabling high-quality, automated analysis of complex biophysical data from large candidate panels. It also allows straightforward sharing of results with other teams, helping accelerate development and adoption of new approaches. 


Better Use of Clinical and Translational Data

“The Genedata platform is an important cornerstone in enhancing the analytical capabilities of our teams with cutting-edge digital technology. ... a digital biomarker research platform that will enable Merck scientists to better utilize clinical and translational data to generate innovative ideas for new biomarkers and drug targets.”

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