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Supporting the Search for Novel Vaccines

Vaccines represent one of the most crucial public health advances in human history. However, the discovery, development, and manufacturing of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines to protect people against infectious and other diseases remains very challenging.

This is where Genedata comes in.

Increase Research Efficiency

  • Manages the entire research and development workflow for protein-based vaccines as well as novel vaccine technologies such as viral vector- and mRNA-based vaccines
  • Registers, produces, and characterizes recombinant nucleic acids, proteins, and viruses
  • Investigates novel antigens and identifies relevant epitopes using practical visualizations and analytical tools
  • Analyzes data across projects and optimizes processes by systematically identifying R&D process bottlenecks

Set Up HT Development Processes

  • Automates and scales up cloning, screening, engineering, expression, and purification of vaccine candidates and their components
  • Enables well-organized bioprocess development (USP, DSP, formulation, and analytics) for all vaccine types including support for synthetic and cell-free processes 
  • Integrates all lab instruments and robotic devices via open architecture to automate data transfer, e.g., during formulation screening
  • Facilitates automated communication and transparent handover of materials and data between different teams and functions

Monitor Vaccine Quality & Integrity

  • Integrates all characterization and analytics data (e.g., antigens, protein subunits, viruses, nucleic acids)  
  • Identifies potential developability risks based on integrated product quality assessment
  • Correlates manufacturing process parameters with product quality; full QbD support
  • Generates full historical record for each vaccine candidate in a single mouse click

Ensure Traceability & Compliance

  • Enables full traceability from raw materials to final products including all aliquots and analytical samples
  • Establishes a single source of truth by centralizing data management and providing real-time access to all project information 
  • Relies on an established enterprise platform based on industry-standard architecture
Production details of adenovirus-based vaccine candidates showing five target viral products and their plasmid batches in the system.

Digitalizing Next-Gen Vaccine R&D with Genedata

  • Supports innovative DNA and RNA vaccine engineering (e.g., self-amplifying RNA)
  • Enables novel adjuvants discovery (e.g., via high throughput screening of immuno-potentiators)
  • Facilitates development of promising new vaccine presentation and delivery technologies (polysaccharide vaccines, GMMA, alpha-virus vectors, etc.)
  • Performs reverse vaccinology based on whole-genome analysis of the pathogen using available computational tools
  • Empowers discovery of promising cancer vaccines

Supporting Our Customers to Advance Vaccine R&D

Glycopeptide Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines

Characterizing SARS-CoV-2 Candidate Vaccine Antigens

Learn how reasearchers from Sanofi used Genedata solutions for accelerated MS-based in-depth characterization of candidate vaccine antigens for SARS-CoV-2.


Paving the Way for SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccines

Learn about the major themes and advancements in the field of cell and gene therapy presented at ASGCT 2021.

Digitalization of Vaccine Research & Development: Towards Novel RNA and Viral Vector Modalities

Towards Novel RNA and Viral Vector Modalities

See details of a workflow support platform that enables the digitalization of vaccine research and development to facilitate communication, minimize resource-intensive errors, and accelerate the vaccine R&D processes.

Faster, Safer, Viral Detection in Biologics Manufacturing

Faster, Safer, Viral Detection in Biologics Manufacturing

Read how Genedata supports manufacturers to reduce both time and risk by incorporating NGS-based testing into their workflows.