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Effective Cell Line Development

Customizable genome view in Genedata Selector
The configurable genome view in Genedata Selector

In-Depth Proprietary Genome Annotation

A well-annotated genome as a reference is the basis for accurate multi-omics analysis, genome editing, TLA analysis, and even biosafety testing.

The Genedata Selector® team can support you with comprehensive annotation of your proprietary genomes for:

  • Public domain data integration of cell line-specific genomes, transcriptomes, and proteomes
  • Molecular and signaling pathways
  • Splice variants and microRNAs  
  • Mutations and CNVs   
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CRISPR-Based Targeted Engineering

Predict tested and quality-controlled guide RNAs for genetic engineering of your proprietary genomes. Genedata Selector ensures a secure environment with reduced IP risk and provides valuable information such as gRNA specificity scores and a list of high-quality primer sequences ready-to-order.

TLA-Based Integration Site Detection

Confirm gene editing events, track transgene integration sites, and select stable clones for production using TLA. Data processing capabilities of Genedata Selector allow clone selection based on the location of the integration site and the assessment of integration site genetic stability.

Streamline Your NGS-Based Cell Line Development Workflows

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