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Advance Mass Spectrometry for Biopharma | Genedata Expressionist

Mass Spec Analytics.
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Genedata Expressionist® streamlines biopharma mass spectrometry workflows across instruments and organizations. It automates and harmonizes all MS data processes to deliver high-quality results with significant time and cost savings.

All Applications. Any Instrument.
One Platform.

Offering complete integration across instruments, laboratories, and organizations, Genedata Expressionist streamlines and automates MS-based biopharma applications and delivers reproducible, high-quality results while eliminating costs for training and maintenance of multiple software packages.

Advanced data workflow management capabilities break down data barriers, facilitating global collaboration, and harmonizing analytical processes within organizations. Integrated user role and method management—in combination with electronic signatures, data traceability, and audit trails—smooths deployment in standardized and regulated environments.

See Where We Make a Difference
Max Productivity. Complete Automation. Total Transparency.

Max Productivity. Complete Automation. Total Transparency.

Cutting-edge algorithms and a high-performance server-based infrastructure accelerate processing of data sets of all sizes and complexity, increasing productivity by orders of magnitude.

Automation of repetitive and laborious procedures overcomes data processing bottlenecks while configurable workflows offer complete control of every single processing step. Unique and intuitive visualizations enable data interrogation and facilitate interpretation and understanding of results by linking raw and processed data.

Discover How We Make a Difference
Tailored Solutions. Deeper Insights. Better Decisions.

Tailored Solutions. Deeper Insights. Better Decisions.

A thorough assessment of your analytical processes enables our scientific experts to design and implement ready-to-use workflow solutions that address your specific needs. By incorporating consolidated domain knowledge, and out-of-the-box performance, Genedata Expressionist workflows allow rapid transformation of complex MS data into actionable insights.

From discovery to manufacturing, our unique approach provides a solution that leverages industry best-practices and users’ expertise to enable better decision-making.

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