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Maximized Productivity
for MS in Biopharma

Genedata Expressionist® is an open and scalable enterprise software whose unique workflow-based approach enables custom-built solutions that mirror your existing processes, address your specific business and technical needs, and transform your raw data into actionable insights.

Workflow-based Solutions. Configured to Your Needs.

Workflow-Based Solutions.
Configured to Your Needs.

160+ configurable, application-ready building blocks enable streamlined implementation of MS data workflows that address your specific needs.

Each building-block incorporates industry best practices and expert knowledge acquired over more than 25 years of working with top biopharmaceutical companies to deliver best-in-class data processing, analysis, and reporting. 

Full Automation. Complete Control. Total Transparency.

Full Automation. Complete Control. Total Transparency.

The flexible workflow-based approach enables any degree of automation, from intelligent batch processing without human intervention to interactive in-depth data interrogation.

Genedata Expressionist is not a black box: stepwise data processing provides full data transparency and complete control at every stage of your workflow.

Learn how Christian Hug and colleagues at Novartis are leveraging fully automated mass spec data workflows to accelerate developability assessments of novel biopharmaceuticals.

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Harmonized Processes. Centralized Knowledge Base. Better Decisions.

Harmonized Processes. Centralized Knowledge Base.

Streamlined and harmonized MS data processing, analysis, and reporting deliver high-quality results that empower all stakeholders to make timely and better-informed decisions.

A single platform for all MS-based applications enables efficient collaboration across entire organizations and eliminates costs for training and maintenance of multiple software packages. Project and data management capabilities enable consolidation of knowledge that can be used across entire organizations.

Security. Integrity. Traceability.

Security. Integrity. Traceability.

A dedicated compliance module providing detailed client and server logs, result review and approval, and stringently defined, project-specific user/role profiles facilitates data processing, analysis, and reporting in regulated environments.

Once created and optimized and implemented in Genedata Expressionist, workflows can be locked down to deliver harmonized and reproducible MS data processing, eliminating error-prone manual data handling and facilitating SOP implementation.

Open. Scalable. Future-Proof.

Open. Scalable. Future-Proof.

A vendor-independent platform specifically designed to process the large volumes of multidimensional data generated by the analysis of complex biotherapeutics and their production processes. Dedicated processing hardware, best-in-class algorithms, and high-performance architecture provide scalability and speed that cannot be matched by desktop-based solutions.

Complete integration into and across hardware and data systems combined with full scalability ensures that Genedata Expressionist will meet your evolving scientific and business needs.

Genedata Expressionist—More than Just Software

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