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Software | Genedata Selector

Simplify Complex Analyses and Reporting with Playbooks

Easy, step by step data submission in Genedata Selector®

Simplify Sample Registration

Wizard-based Playbooks are essential in guiding users through data registration. These can be tailored to your laboratory workflows and can combine sample tracking with automated data processing, and report generation.

Standardized and locked NGS workflows for reproducible data processing

Automate NGS Data Analysis

Increase digitalization and scalability with standardized data processing using verified, locked workflows for all your different DNA, RNA or scRNA-Seq, TLA or long-read analysis workflows. Maintain versions of and select your reference genome and sequence databases according to your assay.

Built-in Report Generation

Save time with automatically generated standard reports with every Playbook. These reports are customizable to include all information relevant to your laboratory, workflow and assay.

Streamline Your NGS-Based Cell Line Development & Biosafety Workflows

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