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Achieving End-to-End Automation

How can you accelerate research, discovery, and development to save time, cut costs, and advance new ideas? The key is not only to automate experiment execution, but also to automate data analysis, management, and decision-making. However, integrating lab automation systems and instruments to automate daily operations as well as data import, processing, and interpretation is very challenging.

This is where Genedata comes in.

Centralize Workflows. Do More.

  • Eliminates laborious manual data processing, analysis, and aggregation steps—even for sophisticated technologies such as next-generation sequencing, high-content screening, and mass spectrometry—via ready-to-go analysis templates and built-in logic
  • Facilitates scaling up of experimental work and increased throughput, enabling screening and engineering of more molecules, processing of more samples, and assessment of more experimental parameters
  • Harmonizes analysis and enforces best-practices across the organization with lock-and-share workflows and wizard-style playbooks
  • Streamlines tracking of all sample metadata for complex workflows such as molecular design, biologics production, or translational and clinical research
  • Provides simple and automatic data reporting and sharing options
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Maximize Automation Investments

  • Seamlessly integrates with lab automation equipment, such as robotic and liquid handling systems, through transparent and flexible IT interfaces (e.g., RESTful web services), open APIs, and partnerships with automation providers
  • Supports fully barcoded processes end-to-end, eliminating laborious and error-prone manual handling of sample labeling information
  • Monitors and analyzes raw data coming from instruments and provides real-time updates and reports to key stakeholders about progress
  • Decreases downtime and maximizes efficiency with unattended data processing and validation sessions using pre-defined templates and quality control settings
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Increase Competitiveness

  • Allows scientists to focus on strategic, data-driven decisions and value-added activities, instead of time-consuming manual tasks
  • Provides built-in data management functionalities required for regulatory compliance and in accordance with ever evolving automation best practices
  • Supports operational excellence and efficient resource planning, e.g., by digital tracking of internal and external requests and material handovers
  • Improves data integrity and security by reducing opportunities for human error introduced in manual data transfer or during data analysis
  • Enables continuous process flow, extending hours of operation and shortening the turnaround time for analysis, which increases long-term competitiveness
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Enabling Our Customers to Achieve End-to-End Automation

End-to-End Analysis Workflow for MS Screening

Building an end-to-end HT-MS analysis workflow integrating two Genedata platforms - an MS analysis platform with an in-vitro screening software platform.

Automating Data Management at Sartorius

Automating Data Management at Sartorius

Putting a robust CLD platform in place, combined with flexible automation technologies and high-standard digital data management, enabled Sartorius to develop new biotherapeutics faster.

Enabling End-to-End Assay Automation at Roche

End-to-End Assay Automation at Roche

Enabling Roche to achieve end-to-end automation, including of the data analysis, resulted in significant time saving, data quality improvement, and result robustness.

Automating RT-qPCR Analysis for RNA Drug Discovery

Automating RT-qPCR Analysis for RNA Discovery

Enabling Evotec to streamline data processing from RNA Drug Discovery experiments, through a seamless integration with standard HTS data analysis processes.

Automating Lab Operations at Kymab

Facilitating fully automated high-throughput B-cell selection and screening robotics at Kymab to manage sample and microtiter plate information and capture assay data in a fully automated manner.

Enabling HT Screening at Sygnature

Helping to implement HTS screening to provide a more comprehensive integrated hit-discovery platform that enhances successful early drug discovery at Sygnature Discovery.