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Professional Software Services | Genedata

Biopharma R&D Services.

Genedata services enable you to capitalize on the power of our platform, easily digitalizing R&D processes and data—on premises or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Best Practices. Guaranteed.

With experience gained from hundreds of highly successful service projects at the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, our consultants rapidly assess needs, implement best practices, and deliver data-driven solutions to accelerate workflows and optimize outcomes. Services are delivered on either a fixed-cost or time-and-material basis by experts who closely collaborate with your scientific and IT teams.

On Time. On Budget. Always.

No two R&D organizations are alike. To meet the diverse needs of biopharma R&D, we offer a rich portfolio of services including Support & Maintenance, Training, Managed IT & Hosting, Custom Software Development, and Validation. Data Science services analyze your complex experimental data while a variety of Consulting & Project Management services enable you to reach project goals in both regulated and unregulated environments—on time and on budget.

Custom Software Development | Genedata

Unique Problems. Solved.

Custom Software Development

While Genedata software works off the shelf, some cutting-edge workflows may require customization or special development. Enter Genedata Custom Software Development.

From extending Genedata solutions to creating entirely novel ones, we are laser-focused on your needs and support all key software development steps including technical specifications and design, implementation and documentation, and QC/QA.

Consulting for Biopharma R&D Services | Genedata

Fuel Innovation. Maximize ROI.


With more than 20 years’ experience in biopharma R&D, Genedata is perfectly positioned to help you maximize the ROI from novel technologies and processes. Whether completing requirement analyses, solving complex IT challenges, or streamlining business processes, our expert consultants help to optimize computational environments and workflows and provide on-point recommendations that enhance R&D processes.

We support the complete project life cycle from early-stage feasibility studies to late-stage product development, and we deliver a full portfolio of analytic and bioinformatics services.

Managed IT and Hosting | Genedata

Cloud or On-Prem. Your Choice.

Managed IT & Hosting

If you lack internal IT resources to support our cloud-based solutions, you can rely on Genedata Managed IT & Hosting services.

Our SaaS services include system setup and monitoring, regular software upgrades, and Level 1 and 2 support. Managing third-party software dependencies, we ensure your installations run uninterrupted.

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Data Science Services | Genedata

See the Results.
Data-Driven Decisions.

Data Science

Extracting insights from complex experimental data can be challenging, and researchers may not always have the time or staff to deliver meaningful results. Our multidisciplinary teams combine domain knowledge with data science expertise that informs decision-making for efficient R&D processes.

Rely on our data scientists to work alongside your scientific teams to achieve the required results.

Validation Support Services | Genedata

Regulatory Compliance.
Be Prepared.

Validation Support

To save both time and cost associated with deployment of our software solutions in a GxP compliant environment, Validation Support services provide all that is required for a successful validation, including process consulting and documentation support.

The Best Software Training | Genedata

Knowledge. Acquired.


Genedata training equips you with the knowledge for your ongoing success. From standard training modules on typical workflows to tailored sessions, our best practices training empowers you to:

  • Optimally apply Genedata software to daily work
  • Efficiently manage content and respond to user requests
  • Proficiently program software using Genedata APIs and integrate external resources
Support & Maintenance | Genedata

Stay Cutting-Edge. Control Costs.

Support & Maintenance

Standard Genedata software products include market-leading support and maintenance, with Helpdesk Services and regular software upgrades provided.

Hypercare Services, however, go one step further for post-go-live and stabilization support with special focus on scientific workflow configuration, data migration, and curation, and solving workflow and data issues to keep operational costs manageable and flexible.

Capitalize on the Power of Our Platform

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