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Biotherapeutics Discovery | Genedata Biologics

Biotherapeutics Discovery. End-to-End.

Our Customers

Genedata Biologics® streamlines discovery of biotherapeutics including bispecifics, ADCs, TCRs, CAR-Ts, and AAVs. The most widely adopted platform across the industry, it integrates all discovery workflows so you can focus on true innovation.

In three minutes, discover the only platform that integrates and centrally manages all data across biopharma workflows and instruments.

Built from the Start for Biologics.

Accelerate research with a first-in-class platform uniquely designed from the start to digitalize biotherapeutic discovery. The platform facilitates complex R&D processes by designing, tracking, testing, and assessing novel biotherapeutics drugs. It works with any format, from antibodies, bi- or multi-specifics, ADCs, novel scaffolds, and therapeutic proteins, to engineered therapeutic cell lines such as TCRs and CAR-T cells.

Two-minute video highlighting how Genedata's built-for-biologics platform is accelerating R&D at MorphoSys.

E2E. A Next-Generation Platform.

Acting as a central end-to-end data backbone, Genedata Biologics integrates all R&D processes, from library design and immunizations, selections and panning, molecular biology, screening, protein engineering, expression, purification, and protein analytics, to candidate developability and manufacturability assessments. With its scalable and modular architecture, it fully automates the discovery process and manages the highest data volumes. As a shared platform, it facilitates collaboration among different sites and groups and external partners such as CROs. Real-time access to all relevant data enables users at all levels of an organization to rapidly make more informed decisions, as well as analyze data patterns to drive future discovery programs.

30-second video showing how Kymab automates antibody discovery with direct two-way integration.

Less Tedious Daily Work.
More Innovation.

Genedata Biologics dramatically simplifies all day-to-day laboratory activities such as cloning, screening, expression, purification, and sample management and automates all data upload, data processing, and reporting. Direct integration with laboratory instruments and robotics stations enables true high-throughput processes. Customers report more than 50% gains in efficiency and improved quality of results.

Optimize Resources. Increase Productivity. Eliminate Risks.
Combinatorial engineering of proteins enables expedient production, testing, and optimization of large panels of biotherapeutic candidates in any molecule format.

Optimize Resources. Increase
Productivity. Eliminate Risks.

Providing a central and shared platform, Genedata Biologics gives every R&D team access to all discovery program information for any project at any time. This makes it possible to simultaneously investigate across projects to track program progress and optimize resource usage to improve R&D forecasting, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.