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Biotherapeutic Characterization

Tailored solutions based on your workflows transform raw data into actionable insights. Best-in-class molecular characterization for any MS-based approach—such as peptide mapping, released glycans, and intact mass analysis—enables a better understanding of biotherapeutics.

Fully leverage your data. Gain deeper insights. Make better decisions.

Peptide Mapping

Identifying and quantifying peptides is key to characterizing and monitoring the quality of biopharmaceuticals. Genedata Expressionist® provides out-of-the-box capabilities for the efficient detection and quantitation of posttranslational modifications (including unexpected wildcard modifications), sequence variants, and glycosylated peptides.

The platform’s open architecture enables you to import data from any search engine or library. Results from different datasets can be combined to give a complete overview across multiple samples. The flexible workflow-based data-processing pipelines enable innovative data-processing strategies that significantly reduce false-positive identifications, typically reducing manual validation efforts from weeks to hours.

Intact and Subunit Mass Analysis

Intact mass analysis enables identification and quantification of entire antibodies and their subunits, and comprehensive characterization of charge variants, antibody-drug conjugates, and protein glycoforms. The refined MaxEnt charge deconvolution algorithm built into Genedata Expressionist dramatically reduces the number of harmonic artefacts. 

A unique time-resolved deconvolution algorithm offers unparalleled analysis of coeluting species, literally adding another dimension to insights available to Genedata Expressionist users.

Learn how Jennifer Jung and colleagues at Sanofi progressed identification of biopharmaceutical proteins by using intact mass analysis in a high-throughput, mass spec-based mispairing assay.

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Glycosylation is a critical quality attribute that affects biotherapeutic efficacy and safety. Genedata Expressionist enables rapid and efficient identification of released glycans and characterization of glycosylated peptides and proteins using reference or custom glycan libraries.

An intuitive built-in editor facilitates the addition of complex glycan moieties that are typically absent from generic databases. Using Genedata Expressionist for MS-based glycoanalysis has been shown to deliver time-savings of up to 80% compared to conventional methods.

Discover how Dr Bi and colleagues at A*STAR BTI achieved a comprehensive understanding of the N- and O-linked glycoslyation sites in Etanercept by leveraging a powerful Genedata Expressionist data processing workflow.

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Customer Stories

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Enabling Fast & Reliable Developability Studies

"Working with Genedata Expressionist provides us with fast, flexible, and reliable options to discover potential biotherapeutic liabilities and thoroughly analyze next-generation antibodies."


MS Characterization of N- & O-Linked Glycosylation Sites

"Expressionist was able to process the information-rich data with ease and speed, facilitating the overall analysis."

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Enabling Novel MS-based Characterization Methods

"Genedata Expressionist provides high-quality qualitative and quantitative results, and its flexible workflow-based approach makes it the ideal platform for processing and analyzing MS data generated using our innovative methods."

Implementing Tailored MS Software Solutions

"We especially appreciated the high level of expertise and support provided by Genedata, which enabled us to optimize every stage of our analytical processes—while incorporating
industry best practices—and quickly generate high-quality results."

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