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MS-Based Contaminant Detection

Detect any contaminant. Increase sensitivity. Reduce false positives.

Automated Monitoring. High Reproducibility.

In quality monitoring, high-throughput assays based on multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) are often applied as a fast, quantitative testing method. Genedata Expressionist® offers fast, automated data analysis, applying settings optimized throughout the development process of the biopharmaceutical.

These advanced automation capabilities provide considerable time savings in routine tests and enable streamlined data analysis in laboratories working in GxP environments.

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Flexible Strategies. Increased Confidence.

The unique and flexible Genedata Expressionist data processing approach enables you to adapt and evolve MS-based host cell protein (HCP) detection workflows to meet your scientific needs.

For example, m/z and retention time coordinates of known impurities can be stored in a corporate knowledge base and used to identify HCPs in subsequent analyses.

Efficient Processing. Increased Sensitivity.

To detect HCPs, Genedata Expressionist uses highly efficient algorithms for mass calibration, noise removal, and retention-time alignment and consolidates evidence of contaminating peaks across samples.

By applying consistency checks to distinguish real signals from noise and building isotope clusters based on known isotopic patterns, the software detects HCPs with high sensitivity (down to low-ppm levels) and high confidence.

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