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Precision Medicine. Digitalized.

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Genedata Profiler® is the leading enterprise software platform for precision medicine. It empowers scientists to uncover actionable insights from ever-increasing complex data in a secure, validation-ready environment.

Discover how to maximize the value of your translational data and empower innovation in precision medicine.
Software that Scales.

Software That Scales.

A Bio-IT Innovative Practices Award-Winning Solution, with ready-to-use and fully configurable workflows, that allows you to easily import, integrate, and harmonize your molecular and clinical data—from any source. Manage all your data in one place to provide the single point of truth for multidisciplinary teams. Quickly find and access the right datasets within or across studies, then analyze and visualize them using your favorite analysis tool.

Thanks to the cutting-edge new features, you are now in control of your translational and clinical data. Benefit from full data governance and fine-grained access control. Always know how you produced results, from raw data to reporting. Ensure data integrity and privacy, fulfill regulatory requirements when working with sensitive patient data.

Genedata Profiler. High Performance. Holistic. Secure. Validation Ready.

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Software Implementation. Made Easy.

Implementation. Made Easy.

Software implementation is effortless when you have a trusted partner on your side. With successful deployments of Genedata Profiler at leading pharma companies, we are experts in efficient and effective implementations.

We support you all the way, starting with the analysis of your complex data workflows, the integration of Genedata Profiler into your existing IT environment, and training your scientists to make valuable discoveries from day one.

If you require a specific software feature or need help with software validation, Genedata is here for you. Always.

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Expertise. On Demand.

Expertise. On Demand.

Do you lack internal resources or need help analyzing large datasets? Our Data Science Services offering is the perfect solution that enables you to make data-informed decisions on a per-project basis, eliminating the need to setup your own data infrastructure or hire data scientists.

Or are you already using Genedata Profiler, and need support in implementing cutting-edge data analysis methods? Our expert team of data scientists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, and biologists work side by side with you to integrate clinical, biomarker, and multi-omics data. An agile, intensive scientific collaboration tailored to your needs will help you to quickly achieve your scientific goals.

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