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Genedata Profiler Wins Bio-IT World 2022 Innovative Practices Award in Personalized & Translational Medicine

Genedata Profiler®, the leading data integration and analytics system for translational and clinical research, has been recognized as an outstanding example of technological innovation improving the quality and accelerating the pace of biopharmaceutical R&D for effective precision medicine.

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A Platform Democratizing Data, Analytics, & AI to Enable Development of Precision Therapies

During the conference, representatives of the collaborative winning project, Marc Flesch, Head of Genedata Profiler Product, and Eike Staub, Head of Oncology Bioinformatics at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany shed light on the solution. Their joint presentation was entitled: A Platform Democratizing Data, Analytics, and AI to Enable Development of Precision Therapies. Here is a snippet of the talk.

Precision medicine requires large interoperable datasets, high-performance analytics, and intense cross-functional collaboration for which digital technology is essential. This project highlights the value of an end-to-end big data platform for translational research, developed by Genedata AG in collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. The platform supports all stages of drug R&D, from multi-omics NGS studies to digital pathology, from exploratory analyses for early drug research to statistics for late-stage clinical studies. We show how a data-driven culture can be supported by such a technical setup, through better data discoverability and sharing, thereby increasing research efficiency and productivity. We also demonstrate how secure cooperative work between internal and external expert analysts can be achieved: a key factor for leveraging the full potential of data. The presented solution, the outcome of a collaborative project, is today available as an off-the-shelf product, ready for other biopharma organizations. By enabling end-to-end automation of complex R&D workflows, high-performance analytics, and full data governance, the software allows companies to maximize the ROI of their R&D data to facilitate the development of next-generation precision therapies.

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Realize the Promise of the Precision Medicine with Genedata Profiler