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Many of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial biotech companies, and academic research institutions trust us with their most valuable resource - their data. Here is a sampling.

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Customer Stories


Enabling In-Depth MS-based Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals

Discover how Merck Serono implemented Genedata Expressionist® to develop novel and efficient MS-based methods for the analysis of charge-variants, glycoforms, and released glycans in biopharmaceuticals - resulting in time savings of up to 80% compared to conventional methods.


Pfizer Builds on the Genedata E2E Workflow Platform

Pfizer chose the Genedata platform to serve as a central data backbone and application environment upon which they could build tools to flexibly address Pfizer-specific requirements and drive innovation. Today, the system is used by over 250 people in 15 groups located at six Pfizer R&D sites globally, supporting 200+ distinct projects.


MorphoSys Accelerates Antibody R&D with Genedata Biologics

The MorphoSys adoption of Genedata Biologics® as their end-to-end workflow platform significantly increased efficiencies across all R&D functions, including library generation, screening and selection, molecular biology, antibody screening, protein engineering, expression, purification, and analytics.


High-Throughput MS-Based Screening of Bispecific Antibodies

Using Genedata Expressionist®, scientists at Genmab established an automated MS-based high-throughput assay that provides qualitative and quantitative information on a DuoBody® bsAb preparation. Compared to the CEX-based process, data acquisition and processing times were reduced by 95% and the number of person hours dedicated to data processing was reduced by 70%.

Scientific Tech Notes


Highly Scalable Transcriptomic Screening Analysis

Discover a new solution embedded within Genedata Screener® which allowed Janssen to rapidly and simultaneously analyze expression for 20 to 80 different genes per compound, measured in plate-based screens performed using the QuantiGene® RNA Assay.


Efficient & High Quality CHO Cell Line Development

This application note describes how Genedata Selector® has been used to analyze next generation sequencing (NGS) data from Cergentis' TLA technology in CHO cell line development and quality control.


End-to-End Analysis Workflow for HT Mass Screening

AstraZeneca integrated Genedata Expressionist®, an MS analysis software, to build an end-to-end HT-MS analysis workflow and Genedata Screener®, an analysis platform for in-vitro screening. These integrations enabled a 7-fold decrease in analysis time, preparing AstraZeneca to expand use of their innovative technology.


Completing End-to-End Assay Automation with Automated Data Analysis

The Genedata platform enables Roche to fully automate the analysis of lower throughput assays. They achieved end-to-end automation, including of the data analysis, allowing them to save significant time, improve data quality and result robustness.



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