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Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Genedata Selector® supports the analysis and interpretation of NGS data for cell and gene therapy development. Key applications include Critical Quality Attribute (CQA) assessment confirming identity, biosafety, and potency to accelerate the delivery of safe and efficacious therapies to patients in need.

Learn in 2 minutes how to use the NGS-based assays to revolutionize your CGT development

Streamline CGT Manufacturing Processes

Genedata Selector enables automation and standardization of NGS-based cell and gene therapy assays.

This out-of-the-box support includes safety assays, sequence characterization, and potency assessment.

Learn in 3 minutes how to ensure mycoplasma-free CGT with NGS-based analysis

Ensure Mycoplasma-Free CGT

When used to analyze NGS data, Genedata Selector provides a comprehensive solution for detecting adventitious agents, such as mycoplasma, throughout the CGT development process.

From the raw material to the final product, our platform helps you to ensure mycoplasma-free cell and gene therapy products.

Learn in 3 minutes how to streamline decision-making for safe CGT development

Confirm the Integrity of Viral Vectors

Decision making support provided by Genedata Selector leads to faster and better informed decisions for safe cell and gene therapy development.

Scientists can verify sequence integrity of viral vectors in a simple and automated way.

Learn in 3 minutes how to characterize identity and potency of your cells

Assess Potency with scRNAseq Analysis

Genedata Selector supports single cell RNAseq data analyses to streamline your decision-making using the informative and interactive data display.

Cell populations can be analyzed regarding identity and determine the potency.

Streamline Your NGS-Based Cell and Gene Therapy Development

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