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Driving the Development of RNA Therapeutics

Genedata Biologics® accelerates the design and development of RNA therapeutics and vaccines end-to-end, including RNA/DNA optimization for effectiveness and stability, and development of the most suitable delivery system to increase its durability and reliable target tissue delivery.

Vaccine Discovery

Novel mRNA Vaccines

Genedata Biologics scalable and customizable data architecture enables the registration, testing and evaluation of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and vaccines at every stage of development. End-to-end capture of data relating to design, production, testing, and quality control increases the efficiency and throughput. Genedata Biologics facilitates registration of modified nucleosides and the automatic computation of associated physicochemical properties. In addition, delivery system information is captured and tracked, e.g., lipid composition in LNPs. Combined with powerful screening workflow tools for formulation development and functional characterization, the platform delivers critical data infrastructure to realize the promise of RNA therapeutics.

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