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Integration & Automation. Across the Enterprise.

Our Customers

Distributed R&D teams, global operations, advancements in lab automation, and increasing outsourcing to CROs and CDMOs result in huge volumes of complex and disparate data sets that need to be centrally stored, integrated, processed, and interpreted. Biopharmaceutical companies need a scalable digital backbone to integrate all enterprise R&D processes and handle the escalating demands on data storage and analysis in order to drive R&D efficiency, ensure data quality and integrity, and guarantee business continuity.

This is where Genedata comes in.

Digitalization. Accelerated.

Genedata provides a single, unified platform that integrates all R&D workflows, automates laboratory and data processes, and centrally connects all processes so that business-critical information can be easily captured, processed, analyzed, retrieved, and utilized throughout the organization. By providing a single repository linking all data across the R&D workflow, Genedata helps both large and small organizations identify the most promising drug candidates, de-risk R&D programs, establish new R&D technologies such as CGTs and RNAs, choose the most suitable patients for clinical studies based on complex genetic markers, and develop the most economically viable manufacturing processes.

Data Integrity & Compliance.

Data integrity and regulatory requirements are key for any pharmaceutical R&D operation. The Genedata platform is developed in accordance with regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR and GxP governing rules enforced by the FDA, as well as corresponding regulations by the EMA (EU GMP Annex 11), the MHRA, the PMDA, and other regulatory authorities around the world. Working with Genedata ensures data quality and security and eliminates the risk of data integrity issues. With highest QA standards for data security, data privacy, IP protection, and data integrity according to regulatory requirements, the Genedata platform is broadly used across the industry for R&D operations in both validated and non-GxP environments.

A History of Partnerships.

As the #1 enterprise software system for achieving operational excellence in biopharma R&D, the Genedata platform is built on industry best practices and includes ready-to-use R&D processes out of the box. Used by all global top-20 biopharmas, the Genedata platform is considered the industry standard for biopharma R&D workflow and data management. By closely working with its customers, Genedata has built a pre-competitive consortium of biopharma technology and opinion leaders – an interdisciplinary mix of renowned scientists and IT experts – who drive the development of the Genedata platform and share best practices. Global pharma companies, CGT and vaccine innovators, as well as biotechs and CROs & CDMOs, all build their R&D digitalization on Genedata.

Our Customer Stories

Mitsubishi Tanabe

Flexible Platform Harmonizes Workflows

“Standardizing on one comprehensive screening platform across all our research sites will eliminate IT maintenance and service burdens while generating significant cost savings. We will also benefit from harmonized data workflows that enable cross-project comparisons and synchronization.”


Fully Integrated Analysis Pipeline for TLA

“Genedata developed a push button system including a fully integrated analysis pipeline, to allow our customers in cell line development to get a comprehensive analysis report, including visual representation of integration sites.”


Digitalizing Translational and Clinical Research

“The Genedata Profiler platform is used productively in a validated environment and is helping to democratize access to integrated data in the translational research and clinical settings.”


Data Backbone Connects R&D Organization

“Now that we have a central data backbone in place where all information can be accessed and shared, our R&D groups can spend their time on critical scientific tasks, instead of manual data reporting and management.”

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