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Genedata Selector® is an enterprise software platform that accelerates NGS-based cell line development and biosafety. It provides a single source of truth that empowers scientists to integrate, analyze, and share all project-related data for improved decision-making.

Discover how Genedata Selector transforms NGS-based workflows and enables faster and better decisions

Automate All NGS-Based Workflows

Accelerate your cell line development, bioprocess optimization and biosafety testing with Genedata Selector. The end-to-end solution supports efficient decision-making during vaccine, antibody, cell and gene therapy development, strain optimization, molecular breeding and metagenomics. 

Genedata Selector - the only software connecting all the dots from NGS-based R&D to production.


Use Genedata Selector to:

Automate Routine Workflows

The inbuilt user-friendly and easy-to-use Playbooks automate routine workflows increasing standardization, transparency, and throughput from data entry and processing to report generation. This prevents errors due to manual data handling.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Streamline decision-making based on actionable scientific insights. Genedata Selector not only accelerates standardized data processing and analysis with automated workflows but also accelerates results sharing, decisions, and project documentation within the team.

Protect Intellectual Property

With Genedata Selector, there is no need to send out proprietary host cell line sequence information to external partners. All related data can be analyzed by scientists inhouse against the proprietary host cell line genome – reducing the IP risk of sending genome information to service providers or obtaining divergent results by using public domain reference genomes.

Increase Transparency & Simplify Reporting

Access to sample information, linked data, analyses performed, and reports generated is crucial for reporting, and regulatory submissions. Genedata Selector simplifies sample and information management by enabling secure data entry and automated report generation.

Accelerate Your NGS-Based Workflows

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