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Software | Genedata Selector

Explorer for Collaborative Genome Data Management

Overview of public and proprietary genome data in Genedata Selector

Organize Complex Genome Information

Manage public and proprietary genome data. Discover genotype–phenotype relationships across genomes, from harmonization of genomic data and refinement of gene model annotation to full functional reconstruction. 

Interactive filtering and display of variant analysis

Simplify Access to Genome Information

Browse through genome sequences and zoom in on the gene of interest to investigate variants on nucleotide and protein levels. Flag and annotate findings and share them with your colleagues with just one click.

In-build notifications enable team communication

Enhance Collaboration, Share Knowledge

Project teams can collaborate more effectively through interactive communication via notifications and shared views in the software. With Genedata Selector, teams can easily share knowledge with other teams or partnering organizations.

Streamline Your NGS-Based Cell Line Development & Biosafety Workflows

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