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Bioprocess Optimization

Pathway analysis in Genedata Selector

Omics and Pathway Analysis

Use Genedata Selector® to visualize your -omics data over different timepoints or experimental conditions. Monitor pathways to determine potential engineering targets such as bottlenecks in the molecular machinery of cells.

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Integrate pathways with high-dimensional data to predict product traits

Early Detection of Undesired Traits

Identify variants of cells throughout bioprocess development. Use DNA-, RNA-seq or mutation profiling enabled by Genedata Selector to rapidly determine product sequence integrity under process conditions and accelerate decisions regarding process format from a small to large scale.

Single-cell RNA seq in Genedata Selector

Confirmation of Clone Stability

Early in-house detection of unstable clones prevents the development of heterogenous cell banks and undesired products that can lead to high costs. Genedata Selector allows to Identify critical mutations with mutation profiling or variations in cell populations with single-cell RNA seq.

Streamline Your NGS- Based Workflows for
Bioprocess Optimization

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