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Digitalization of the
Automated Lab of the Future

Organizations that have successfully innovated drug discovery and development have embraced the Lab of the Future concept. They leverage advanced digital tools and contextualize their scientific data to make their research processes more efficient and future-proof. Their data workflows are digitalized and automated. All assay data and metadata are automatically retrieved from instruments, automatically analyzed, and quality-controlled, and results are automatically reported to the global team. Moreover, data is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and AI-ready.

Genedata Screener® is optimally positioned to provide a digital backbone for your modern lab of the future and help you do science more efficiently.

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Screener Automated Data Upload

Automated Data Upload

Genedata Screener enables the automatic upload of raw data and metadata from all analytical instruments without human intervention, thus ensuring data integrity and preventing error and delays. Out of the box, its automated data capture functionality programmatically triggers data upload and analysis as soon as the experimental run is finished.

By automating data capture you can:

  • Eliminate manual data processing - freeing up time for science.
  • Solve data integrity problems and ensure consistent data quality.
  • Get email notifications when data analysis starts and finishes.
  • Go from raw data to results in no time and speed up project cycles.
Real-Time Extension

Real-Time Analysis and Performance Monitoring

The real-time analysis functionality in Screener automatically uploads raw data, analyzes it in real time plate by plate, and visualizes the results on a dashboard. If data quality falls below the selected criteria, it will notify you of the issue by email so that you can intervene quickly – thereby saving time, precious samples, and expensive reagents. Genedata Screener takes it even one step further and can  – depending on the automation system – automatically pause the assay run via a customized call to the scheduling software.

By automating the monitoring of the analysis you can:

  • Get notifications by email about any quality issues.
  • Intervene quickly to resolve the issue .
  • Access information on data quality any time and from everywhere.
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Successful auto reporting of the session

Automated Results Reporting and Documentation

In Screener, automated reporting functionality enables unattended transfer of the results to downstream applications (such as data warehouses, electronic notebooks, or workflow systems like Genedata Biologics®). It facilitates result sharing and the documentation of the experimental procedures without delay. Screener can automatically report the results that meet quality criteria defined by business rules, ensuring that only high-quality results are reported. Users are notified when the results are ready and reported.

By automating the reporting of the results you can:

  • Ensure that the reporting is completed without delay
  • Be able to reuse well-validated results from a trusted database in the future
  • Save time in manual documentation and ELN write-ups
Genedata Screener Genedata Biologics integration

Supports an unparalleled number of assay technologies

Genedata Screener enables scaling up of the simplest to the most complex bioassay by providing fully automated data analysis, quality control, validity checks, and automated reporting, thus improving speed and efficiency and at the same time ensuring consistency throughout the global organization. 

Moreover, Genedata Screener incorporates novel AI-based workflows to automate and accelerate the analysis of highly complex data sets. The AI technology works out of the box and requires little expertise to use.

Screener Automation Integration Partners

Our Integration Partners

To ensure the smoothest and quickest possible integration for key workflows, Genedata partners with cutting-edge instrument hardware and software vendors in the Ready-to-Run program. This includes partnerships with key automation providers, such as Biosero, BMG LABTECH, Titian, and Sciex. With these partners, we aim to enable a fully integrated and seamless automation experience for our customers.

Genedata Screener Enables Digitalization and Automation for the Lab of the Future

The ultimate goal of automating data workflows is to close the loop in the research process, where operations are controlled based on analyzed data sets. For example, the software could automatically stop an assay run once a defined number of hits is identified. Through integration with compound registration software and lab automation hardware, it then could automatically trigger further validation assays on the selected hits. In another example, the software could automatically enable a predefined number of re-runs for outlier samples, or automatically start the next step in an assay cascade. This is all possible with Genedata Screener and we are looking forward to working with your organization and help you bring your automation initiatives forward.

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