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Industrial Biotechnology

Genedata Selector® supports the analysis and interpretation of NGS data for assessing and improving strains. Key applications include stability testing, mutation analysis, metabolic pathway analysis, interpretation of genotype-phenotype relationships, and characterization of cell populations.

Strain optimization with pathway analysis in Genedata Selector

Strain Optimization

Genedata Selector® digitalizes and automates NGS-based novel enzyme discovery including screening and biochemical characterization, to accelerate production strain development and process optimization while generating significant cost savings. Genedata Selector allows scientists to perform comparative studies of strain genealogies, mutations and functions depending on experimental design, such as varying time points, treatments, or process conditions.

Production Strain Registration

Leveraging Genedata Selector for NGS-based production strain development and process optimization allows the collection of genotype-phenotype data and the phenotypic characterization of a large number of strains. Tracking these data and decisions provides a molecular history of the production strain. With workflows for strain stability testing and safety assessment for registration, Genedata Selector simplifies reporting to regulatory agencies and accelerates time-to-market.

Metagenomic analysis in Genedata Selector

Metagenome Analysis

Genedata Selector enables you to go beyond 16S RNA based taxonomy screening to characterize and reconstruct molecular mechanisms on a microbial community level. Inherently scalable, Genedata Selector® supports WGS metagenomics annotation to analyze metagenome and meta-transcriptome pathways. Additionally, operational taxonomic unit (OTU) management and tracking for new signatures enable lead- or indicator-strain identification and process optimization.

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Comparative analysis of the strains

Anti-Infective Research

Antibiotic resistance remains a major threat to global health. To help combat this, Genedata Selector utilizes NGS data to understand the molecular diversity underpinning resistance evolution at a genotype level. The comparative analysis capabilities of Genedata Selector® elucidate strain-specific mode-of-action genes, their functionality, and phenotypic information which guides the identification of potential new drug targets. Biofilm, microbiome sequencing, and secondary metabolite screening are additional functionalities in Genedata Selector that enable genomic data mining for developing new antibiotics and antifungals for individualized treatment and the prevention of resistance.

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