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Facilitating B Cell-Derived Therapeutic Antibody R&D

Genedata Biologics® provides application-ready functionalities that significantly increase the throughput and quality of B cell-derived therapeutic antibody candidates. The platform streamlines every stage of the highly complex B cell-based discovery process by tracking animal and immunization data to register all molecules, samples, and assay data created along B cell workflows.

Lead Discovery from B Cells

Lead Discovery from B Cells

Genedata Biologics tracks and monitors the complete history of the antibody clones, which undergo multiple format changes from B cells to PCR products, plasmids, and transfected cells. Quality control and functional assay data, such as ELISA, FACS, and SPR experiments, are managed in one integrated platform. In combination with V-region sequencing results, this allows the unique integration of molecule sequence and functional information and helps research teams make informed decisions on lead candidates to prioritize and move forward.

Customer Stories

Genedata Biologics as Antibody Discovery Platform

Genedata Biologics as Antibody Discovery Platform

The Genedata Biologics platform will support multiple GSK Biopharm R&D groups including lead identification and screening, protein optimization and engineering, and protein production.The system records, manages, and processes data from GSK’s diverse antibody discovery platforms such as phage and yeast display, hybridoma, and other technologies, including proprietary ones.

High-Throughput Hybridoma-Based Antibody Discovery

HT Hybridoma-Based Antibody Discovery

A new workflow management system that increases the throughput and efficiency of antibody screening, engineering, and production workflows. We discuss the challenges in supporting high-throughput hybridoma generation and screening workflows, subsequent chimerization and humanization of murine antibodies, and expression and analytical evaluation of murine and humanized constructs.

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