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MS-Based Bioprocess Monitoring

Proven metabolomics capabilities facilitate identification and quantification of metabolites in bioreactors. Complete automation of MS data analysis provides close-to-real-time monitoring for biotherapeutic production.

Apply mass spec in Process Analytical Technology. Optimize bioprocesses.

Scalable. Automated Solutions. Overcoming Bottlenecks.

Genedata Expressionist supports all biopharma MS applications using any instrument. Therefore, it provides holistic and harmonized solutions for multi-omic approaches to monitoring biotherapeutic production.

It is particularly suitable for large-scale bioprocessing projects because it provides automated, standardized processing of complex multi-omics data in a single, scalable system.

Integrated Statistics. Multivariate Monitoring. Custom Reporting.

Genedata Expressionist provides integrated functionalities for statistical analysis and results display. Available analyses include Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) representations of multivariate data to uncover relationships between individual data sets or groups of data sets.

Custom reports provide at-a-glance interpretation of statistical analyses and trends across data sets during routine monitoring.

Comprehensive Overviews. Fast Results.

The data visualization tools in Genedata Expressionist® enable simultaneous investigation of a large number of samples to drive efficient decision-making throughout the entire data analysis process. Advanced statistical analysis functions and reporting capabilities enable users to quickly and efficiently detect changes in sample makeup.

Discover how Genedata Expressionist enabled scientists at A*STAR BTI to develop an automated mass spectrometry-based multi omics software platform that streamlined bioprocess monitoring.

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