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Bioprocess Monitoring with an Automated Mass Spectrometry-based Multi omics Software Platform

February 9, 2022

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines are the workhorse for protein production in the biopharmaceutical industry. Although protein yields from CHO cells have been optimized through increased understanding of the effects of cell environmental perturbation, the lack of knowledge about intracellular metabolic activities has prevented optimization of these processes to increase cellular productivity.

To investigate CHO cell metabolic activities, mass spectrometry (MS) metabolomic and lipidomic approaches were used to study intracellular aqueous metabolites and lipids respectively. The integration of metabolomics and lipidomics data presents challenges with respect to raw file formats, parameter customization, automation, and standardization, which typically makes high-throughput analysis unfeasible.

Here we present the use of a single software platform to facilitate the processing of metabolomics and lipidomics data.

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