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Agricultural Science

Genedata Selector® supports crop improvement and plant breeding initiatives that leverage NGS and other omics data. Key applications include mutation analysis, metabolic pathway analysis, and the interpretation of genotype-phenotype relationships.

Molecular Breeding

Analysis of genotype–phenotype relationship

Understanding Complex Trait Phenotypes

Genedata Selector® enables cross-omics data processing and analysis of genotype–phenotype relationships for an unlimited number of crop and vegetable genome sequences. The simplified data integration facilitated by Genedata Selector enables comparative genomics of sequence, mutation, protein function, regulation, and pathway activity levels of plants, microbes and microbiomes.

QTL Analysis for molecular breeding

Marker-Assisted Breeding

Compared to traditional breeding methods, modern molecular and precision breeding leverages genomics, phenomics, gene editing, and marker-assisted breeding to decrease the development time of new varieties by years. Genedata Selector links central genome management for plants and germplasm mutation profiling with sequence information of breeding markers (quantitative trait loci (QTL) and phenotype data for marker-assisted breeding and gene editing.

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Crop Protection

Compound Portfolio Management and MoA Analysis

In crop protection, new resistance and increasing regulation are driving the need for new compounds which selectively act on a pest and not its host. Genedata Selector facilitates whole-genome comparisons from mutations to gene functions and pathways to identify potential targets, for example, during insecticide, fungicide, and pesticide R&D. The software supports compound-specific MoA (mode of action) analysis and screening of all genomes to predict efficacy for other strains and organisms.

Interactive resistance data display for decision support

Resistance Monitoring for Risk Analysis

NGS-based resistance detection plays a significant role in understanding resistance, maintaining pesticide efficacy, and optimizing pesticide applications. Genedata Selector enables accurate strain identification and mutation detection leading to pesticide/fungicide resistance. For successful crop protection to improve world food security, it is highly important to identify and remove viral contaminants. Genedata Selector enables accurate and efficient adventitious agent detection.

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