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Seamless Operations.
In the Cloud.

To harness the power of Genedata software, we offer a flexible, scalable, and fully integrated cloud solution that can be seamlessly managed and connected to your large and complex R&D operations. From server set up and software installation, to managing upgrades and third-party software dependencies, organizations without the time or resources can benefit from Genedata Managed Cloud. Looking for a cloud-based solution that lets you focus on your biopharma R&D?

This is where Genedata comes in.

Maximize ROI. Scale.

Genedata’s dedicated IT team takes care of AWS setup and maintenance, system monitoring, regular installation of software upgrades as well as help desk support, so you don’t have to. The complete setup can be scaled with the growth and needs of your organization.

Up & Running. Fast.

By eliminating the need to configure the complete system yourself, the entire R&D organization can quickly transition to full-production mode. Spend more time innovating and less time dealing with system administration tasks.

Cutting-Edge. Hassle-Free.

Get access to the latest software releases as soon as they become available without the effort of installing and maintaining new versions yourself. Simply log in and discover new functionality to start pushing scientific boundaries today.

Security. Compliance. Delivered.

Genedata is SOC2 certified so you can be sure that Genedata Managed Cloud installations meet the highest professional standards of security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Storage. Access. Anywhere.

Access the Genedata software platform at any time from within your company network, wherever you do your research. And with data stored securely in the cloud, no data is lost if your computer fails.

Supporting Our Customers with Cloud-Based Solutions

Supporting Deep Learning Workflows Using a Hybrid AWS Cloud

How AstraZeneca supports data-intensive deep learning workflows, across multiple instruments and research sites, using a hybrid AWS cloud/on-premise platform.

AI-driven Next-Gen Therapeutics R&D in the Cloud

A fully validated cloud-based enterprise solution for integration, management & analysis of clinical, biomarker, NGS, & digital pathology data, enabling Merck scientists to better utilize clinical and translational data to generate innovative ideas for new biomarkers and drug targets.

A Cloud-Based Solution to Streamline Cancer Immunotherapy R&D

"This cloud-based solution was particularly appealing because of the rapid implementation it offered. We are very pleased with Genedata’s strong commitment to service and technical support." William Benjamin, IT Director

Want to take your R&D into the cloud?

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