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Multi-Attribute Method Approaches

Combining both in-depth characterization and automated Critical Quality Attribute (CQA) monitoring in a single platform, Genedata Expressionist provides an end-to-end solution for multi-attribute method (MAM) implementations of a Quality-by-Design framework in biotherapeutic development and production.

Identify & monitor CQAs. Build your knowledge base. Embrace Quality-by-Design.

Build a Corporate Knowledge Base. Enable Biopharmaceutical Quality-by-Design.

The enterprise nature of Genedata Expressionist® enables full integration into and across existing data systems to provide a sophisticated and scalable MS data processing platform. It creates a centralized knowledge base, which allows product information generated during a drug’s life cycle to be used throughout organizations.

Discover how multi-attribute mass spectrometry can address key biopharma industry requirements for the identification and control of quality attributes of emerging therapeutic modalities.

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Advanced New-Peak Detection. Assured Product Purity.

Using Genedata Expressionist, new peaks are automatically identified and quantitated using dynamic peak detection and clustering algorithms. In contrast to approaches that rely solely on predefined peak lists, Genedata Expressionist takes all available MS data into account during MAM new-peak detection, significantly increasing the likelihood that unexpected contaminants and product variants are detected.

Learn how Genedata Expressionist can perform both targeted XIC-based  CQA monitoring and untargeted new peak detection in a single data processing workflow.

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Easy Collaboration.
Better Decision-Making.

As an enterprise platform, Genedata Expressionist facilitates knowledge transfer and harmonizes processes within and between labs. Every user has fast and easy access to all relevant knowledge on a given molecule, allowing full leveraging of content-rich MS data in decision-making.

Explore the MAM capabilities of Genedata Expressionist: the only end-to-end solution supporting the entire MAM process — from upstream in-depth characterization to downstream targeted critical quality attribute monitoring — on a single integrated software platform.

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Streamlined Processes. Automated Workflows. Increased Confidence.

Using optimized Genedata Expressionist workflows, data processing for MAM monitoring is fully automated to process hundreds of samples per week with little or no manual interaction. Eliminating error-prone manual steps significantly streamlines MAM monitoring and greatly increases productivity and confidence in data quality.

Experience and Expertise. Efficient MAM Implementations.

Genedata is a long-standing member of the MAM consortium, whose goal is to enable the biopharma community to implement a robust MS-based method for biotherapeutic characterization and release of biotherapeutics from QC. The experience, domain knowledge, and expertise gained as a member of this consortium are integral to Genedata Expressionist, making it the software of choice for MAM implementations.

Find out how scientists at Merck validated a multi-attribute method for implementation in regulated environments.

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Customer Stories


Exploring Emerging Biotherapeutic Modalities

"I would like to thank everyone at Genedata …  they have been very helpful over the years in developing our MAM workflow … we can quickly develop a multi-attribute method for any protein-based therapeutic."

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Validating Automated MAM Approaches in Biopharma

"Automated data processing allowing operators without MS experience to routinely analyze samples while ensuring the compliance level expected for Process Validation."

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Automating Biotherapeutic MAM Characterization

"We needed something that enabled higher throughputs than the vendor software package we were using, so we turned to Genedata Expressionist. We can give Expressionist hundreds of files, and it is able to process them in a very quick manner."

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