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Scalable Infrastructure for Digital Assets and ML/AI

Our Customers

Data is the most important asset in today’s biopharma R&D industry as organizations increasingly adopt data-driven operations. Traditional systems such as ELNs, LIMS, or other ad-hoc solutions are not able to keep up with the increasing complexity of novel therapeutic modalities and the growing use of automation. Organizations need a flexible and open, yet fully integrated solution to connect their large and complex R&D operations. The solution needs to simultaneously provide a robust and scalable digital backbone that can integrate fragmented IT landscapes and evolve as new R&D workflows and technologies are adopted.

This is where Genedata comes in.

Up & Running. Fast.

Genedata’s agile deployment methodology has become the de-facto standard in the industry. Based on an iterative and modular approach, Genedata’s deployment process makes global enterprise-scale roll-outs easy and straightforward. Successfully employed with more than 100 partners including large, multi-national pharmas as well as biotechs and CROs and CDMOs, Genedata’s methodical deployment approach minimizes business risks, ensures user adoption, and enables a quick transition to full-production mode. Each customer is assigned a dedicated deployment team, which supports set-up, configuration, integration, as well as training and customization, if required.

Open. Something to Build Upon.

The Genedata platform is based on an open software architecture that can be easily configured and adapted to customer-specific workflows and integrated into complex corporate IT landscapes. With built-in flexibility, it can accommodate different R&D processes, including proprietary molecule formats, new assay types, specific nomenclatures, or proprietary technologies such as custom phage screening libraries. The platform’s transparent configuration layer allows for straightforward code-less configurations, such as setting access restrictions and permissions, changing, expanding or re-configuring workflows, or simply registering a new analytics instrument. Open APIs and RESTful webservices allow easy integration and embedding of the Genedata platform into corporate IT environments, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Big Data. Machine Learning. AI.

More than ever before, AI/ML technologies are needed to handle the explosion in R&D data. The Genedata platform has been designed for a solid and comprehensive ML/AI approach to systematically mine and utilize big data to alleviate bottlenecks in R&D and to improve complex R&D processes so more effective drugs are developed for patients sooner. A pioneer in the field, Genedata has numerous real-world AI success stories in digital pathology, prediction of phys-chem properties of large-molecules, or high-content screening that have already made a difference for our customers. Genedata has also received prestigious AI/ML awards and continues to develop our AI/ML platform to address current and future challenges in biopharma R&D and translational sciences.

Our Customer Stories


Cloud Solution for Artificial Intelligence

"Deployed in the AstraZeneca cloud, Genedata Imagence allows us to democratize Artificial Intelligence at scale across our organization so more scientists can run these assays, extracting more and higher quality information, thereby increasing the quality of decision making on our projects."


Off-the-Shelf Cloud-Based Platform

“As an established, off-the-shelf product, Genedata Biologics could be deployed across our organization with minimal customization. Also, this cloud-based solution was particularly appealing because of the rapid implementation it offered."


Fast & Reliable Platform for Assay Analysis

“A consistent and standardized platform, Genedata Screener is not only easy to maintain—it enables our researchers to share analysis protocols, reduce manual errors, and easily understand data.”


Scalable Data Management for Immunotherapy R&D

“As we expect our clinical and pre-clinical programs and pipeline to continue to grow, we look forward to utilizing Genedata Profiler and Genedata Managed IT Services to assist us in our mission to develop safe, targeted, effective therapeutics for cancer patients.”

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