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The Genedata Biopharma Platform

Perfecting Biopharma Discovery & Development

Our global biopharmaceutical customers have been partnering with Genedata for more than 25 years. Our top-100 biopharma customers use the Genedata Biopharma Platform to support every stage of their research, development, and manufacturing operations.

Data Analysis Systems

Genedata Data Analysis Systems target complex and data-rich processes throughout biopharma R&D, bringing built-in expert knowledge to the analysis process and allowing you to focus on result analysis instead of wasting your time with tedious data management and processing.


    Advances biopharma mass spectrometry by streamlining MS-based biotherapeutic characterization and quality monitoring workflows across instruments and organizations.


    Streamlines discovery screening, through the capture, analysis, and management of all screening data—scaling and automating even complex assays.


    Accelerates R&D with NGS-driven decisions by streamlining NGS-based workflows from cell line development to biosafety.

Workflow Systems

Genedata Workflow Systems provide a backbone for managing your R&D processes, connecting all teams, sites, and processes, allowing you to access all R&D and process data when and where you need to.


    Transforms discovery of biotherapeutics including mAbs, bispecifics, ADCs, TCRs, and CAR-Ts.


    Designs next-generation manufacturing processes for cell line development, upstream and downstream processing, formulation, and analytics.


    Breaks down data silos by integrating multi-omics, biomarker, and clinical data in a high-performance and secure data management system for innovative precision medicine.

R&D Software Automation | Genedata

Say No to Manual Data Handling. Say Yes to Automation.

Designed to support a distributed R&D environment spanning internal groups and external CROs and CMOs, the Genedata Biopharma Platform automates manual data processes, enabling you to spend less time managing data and more time on R&D tasks.

By fostering collaboration and facilitating information-sharing, the Genedata Biopharma Platform frees up time for innovation and provides insights that empower transformation of your business.


Track R&D Progress | Genedata

Track Progress. Monitor Resources. Optimize Forecasting.

Having direct access to all R&D activities, across all groups and sites, improves overall R&D program efficiency and quality.

The Genedata Biopharma Platform allows real-time investigation of program performance and KPIs, as well as optimization of company-wide resource usage, which dramatically reduces costs and improves overall productivity.

Data Security | Genedata

Protect IP. Ensure Data Integrity. Eliminate Compliance Risks.

Without a safe, secure place to store and access data, IP generated by R&D operations loses its value.

A central data backbone that ensures data integrity and compliance, across the full R&D process, is key to reducing risk, addressing regulatory and legal requirements, and achieving operational excellence.

Want to Innovate Faster? Make the Most of Your Data.

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