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High Content Assays

Image-based high content screening is now a mainstay of  drug discovery. By combining a target-agnostic approach, more physiological models, and information-rich images, HCS can uncover new therapeutic avenues—but brings the challenge of understanding high volume, multiparametric data. Via an end-to-end solution for high content screening analysis, Genedata Screener makes it fast and easy to interpret HCS data or apply HCS across the pipeline.

Automated Image Analysis with Imagence

AI Automated Image Analysis

Done manually or with classical segmentation, extracting biological features from complex images is cumbersome and time-consuming. Using the AI-driven Imagence® workflow*, Screener automates raw image processing to maximize efficiency and assay robustness. Whether in assay development or production, scalably leverage Imagence for a range of assays. Tune the degree of automation to your needs: visually review training data, or go fully hands-off. 

* integrations with other image analysis tools also available

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HCS Results in Genedata Screener

Immediate High Content Results

The Screener solution for HCS takes you straight away from images to results. View original images and calculated results (e.g. IC50s) side-by-side, for single-point access to all data and instant confirmation of phenotypic changes. Using interactive visualizations, quickly spot interesting or suspicious results, and define and analyze cell populations. Perform complex multiparametric analysis, for deeper characterization of candidates.

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