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Inspiring Scientific Innovation through Data Federation

Would you like to enhance your company's potential for innovation and speed up the development of targeted therapies for patients with unmet medical needs?

In this case study, we discuss how the discovery team at Genmab, an international biotech company specializing in the development of personalized immunotherapies, leverages a Data Federation solution to optimize their research workflows and accelerate time-to-insights.

By providing Genmab with a single point of access to high-dimensional omics, screening and in vitro functional assay data from Genedata Profiler and Genedata Screener expert data systems, and equipping the team with an integrated analytics toolbox, the solution allows the team to uncover hidden clinically relevant associations and identify and validate new product concepts for antibody-based therapeutics.

Who should read it?

Scientists and data analysis experts from biopharma and biotech companies seeking to optimize their research pipelines and streamline internal data collaboration for improved insight generation.

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