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Data Analysis Strategies for Comprehensive MS-Based Characterization of N- and O-Linked Glycosylation Sites in Etanercept

The biotherapeutic recombinant Fc-fusion protein Etanercept has a more complex and heterogeneous glycosylation profile than conventional antibody-based therapeutics. In addition to a complex N-linked glycan profile, Etanercept also possesses multiple potential sites for O-linked glycosylation.

Mass spectrometry is the method of choice for determining the nature, multiplicity, and heterogeneity of such glycosylation sites, but the complex data produced by cutting-edge MS instrumentation presents several processing, analysis, and reporting challenges.

In this webinar you will learn how Dr. Bi and his team used a range of MS-based analytical methods to achieve a comprehensive, in-depth characterization of Etanercept. Automated MS data processing using a dedicated and optimized workflow for analysis and reporting enabled unambiguous identification of both N- and O-linked glycosylation sites, while utilizing customized glycan libraries and a novel search strategy drastically increased the confidence of the results, enabling deeper insights than previously obtainable.

Who Should Watch

Biopharma analytical scientists and managers who are looking to automate mass spectrometry-based analytical workflows for characterization and quality monitoring of biotherapeutics.

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