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High-Throughput and Format-Agnostic Mispairing Assay for Multispecific Antibodies using Intact Mass Spectrometry

The therapeutic success of monoclonal antibodies has led to biopharma companies exploring the potential of multispecifics — antibodies that are capable of simultaneously binding multiple epitopes. However, the molecular complexity of such biotherapeutics can create significant challenges in their engineering, development, and analytical characterization. Obtaining the correctly assembled combination of different polypeptide chains is particularly challenging.

In this webinar you will learn how Dr. Jung and her team use a high-throughput assay based on intact mass analysis to perform detection and relative quantitation of mispaired species in multispecific candidate molecule screens. In addition to optimized sample preparation and streamlined data acquisition, automated MS data processing, analysis, and reporting is key to achieving the required throughput. This accelerated workflow enables a single scientist to analyze around 1000 candidate samples in just three weeks, a five-fold reduction in the time required using previous methods.

Who Should Watch

Biopharma analytical scientists and managers who are looking to automate mass spectrometry-based analytical workflows for characterization and quality monitoring of biotherapeutics.

  • Jennifer Jung, Ph.D., Lab Head - Assays & Analytics, Sanofi
  • Jonathan Jones, Ph.D., Business Development, Genedata

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