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Accelerating Biopharmaceutical and Vaccine Research, Discovery, and Development with Genedata

Sanofi Global Analytical Symposium, Cambridge, MA, USA
June 11, 2024

Digital innovation in biopharmaceutical and vaccine R&D has the power to accelerate scientific progress and improve the overall R&D success rate through better data integration, analysis, accessibility, and traceability. It also enables intelligent automation of experimental workflows.

Here we present the Genedata Biopharma Platform, a dedicated enterprise-focused solution that consists of seven software systems, working separately and together to provide significant benefits in R&D. Genedata Biologics®, Genedata Screener®, and Genedata Imagence® support key research workflows and assay analysis primarily in the earlier phases of R&D. Genedata Bioprocess® and Genedata Selector® are utilized in bioprocess development, including CLD, USP, DSP, formulation, and analytics development. Genedata Profiler® supports translational and exploratory clinical work by integrating drug response, patient, multi-omics, and image data across clinical and pre-clinical workflows. Finally, Genedata Expressionist® is used for MS-based characterization and quality control of diverse biotherapeutics and vaccines throughout R&D. The Genedata Biopharma Platform integrates easily into existing IT environments using open APIs and promotes internal and external collaboration across organizations.

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