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Digitalization of Vaccine Research & Development: Towards Novel RNA and Viral Vector Modalities

FoB 2021, Basel, Switzerland
November 11, 2021

Vaccines have made many infectious diseases preventable, controlled, or even eradicated. However, the multi-year vaccine R&D processes, and the resulting late vaccine availability, have been hurdles to an efficient and effective response against ongoing outbreaks of new or evolving diseases. The benefits of early vaccine availability have been clearly demonstrated in the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as the need for faster vaccine development in response to dynamically evolving strains. We have developed a workflow support platform that enables the digitalization of vaccine research and development to facilitate communication, minimize resource-intensive errors, and accelerate the vaccine R&D processes. The platform improves the efficiency and throughput of vaccine R&D by acting as the digitalization backbone supporting both experiments and automation across the end-to-end vaccine R&D workflow. It provides a systemic view of R&D progression and optimizes the integration of various process development workflow chains to ensure quality, integrity, and compliance of both R&D data and materials.

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