Genedata Profiler

Support, Training and Professional Services

At Genedata we are committed to ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your Genedata Profiler platform, so we offer comprehensive support across four main categories:

  • Software support

  • Training

  • Genedata Academy

  • Software customization and validation services

Software Support

Our software support process starts before the software is installed and continues through the implementation and beyond. Our Scientific Account Managers (SAMs) work alongside your Business Account Manager (BAM) and Project Lead through the initial requirements analysis, implementation, and deployment. Our SAMs are scientists like you and provide initial training not just on how to use the software, but how to solve your problems using the power of Genedata Profiler. Once the software is installed, they are a resource you can reach out to at any time for help, to report any issues, for further training, to engage in one-on-one expert sessions, or for our regular “office-hours” where we set up a monthly open Q&A forum to resolve any issues.

Software Training

New user training and the support provided by our SAM team is provided as part of your license. From time to time, your organization may wish to train users on specific topics, e.g. data quality algorithms, using new public algorithms, or integrating external tools or data. We offer training courses tailored to the specific needs of your organization, either on-site or via the web.

Genedata Academy

Recognizing the need to educate your researchers on more general topics related to genomics, Genedata offers training courses on specific topics. All training courses can be customized to the group size and skill levels. We currently offer the following courses:

Statistical Data Analysis Course

Experimental designs of molecular profiling studies in life sciences are becoming more complex with sample sizes continually escalating. Scientists are increasingly challenged to extract valuable knowledge from the large amounts of data. Our training approach aims to help scientists improve their skills in statistical data interpretation in order to meet these challenges.
Our scientific experts provide training in statistical data analysis and interpretation of omic data, sharing their experience from hundreds of omic data analysis projects in the context of pharmaceutical R&D. Trainees learn how to extract the most value from mass spectrometry, next-generation sequencing, microarray, qPCR, and similar omic data.  Explaining basic principles of statistical data analysis, data from actual projects are used to give an overview of standard and non-standard methods for analyzing and interpreting complex omic data sets. A typical course, which covers the entire analysis process from raw data acquisition to scientific interpretation of the results,

  • describes the data types generated by the different omics technology platforms;
  • provides an overview of the most important experimental design and statistical analysis methods for omic data;
  • illustrates different data integration and analysis concepts using real-life data;
  • creates awareness of potential mistakes frequently made when analyzing data;
  • shows how analysis results can be visualized and presented in a meaningful way.
Software Customization and Validation Services

Software Customization

Genedata provides customized software development and deployment services to support domain-specific activities such as:

  • Adapting processing and analysis of novel omics technology platforms;
  • Developing custom data management solutions;
  • Integrating internal and external data (e.g. from LIMS, ELN, genomic data repositories);
  • Migrating data from legacy or phased-out databases and applications, including export, reformatting, referencing, and consolidation;
  • Creating customized workflows for process automation;
  • Generating new algorithms.

All software customizations are performed according to our software development lifecycle (SDLC) process, which covers all key software development steps from technical specifications and design, through implementation and documentation, to QC/QA.

Software Validation Services

To support the regulatory audit requirements of organizations adopting Genedata in clinical trial environments for processing, analysis and management of genomic data, Genedata offers software validation services in accordance with 21 CFR part 11, HIPAA, European data privacy regulations and GxP requirements.