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Japan: What Digital Platforms Can Bring to Biomarker Researchers - Use Cases in Target Discovery, Non-clinical Research, and Translational Research

*This webinar is in Japanese. For English webinars, here.

Finding and utilizing useful biomarkers significantly contributes to the success of various steps in pharmaceutical R&D. Biomarker research - which requires exploratory analysis of diverse and complex data - hinges on the researchers' ability to access valuable data and extract meaningful information from it.

Discover how the data platform, Genedata Profiler®, aids biomarker researchers in data utilization. The webinar will showcase how researchers in target discovery, non-clinical research, and translational research are leveraging the data platform to address their challenges and achieve project success. These examples will illustrate the platform's practical application in each field.

Shunya Kondo
Scientific Business Consultant
May 29, 2024, 09:00 CEST