Genedata Profiler

Expertise on Demand: Omics Data Analysis and Interpretation

Since 1997 Genedata has become a trusted and reliable partner of many leading research organizations and research consortia. These organizations rely on our experience in integrating and analyzing complex and challenging omics-related projects such as mode-of-action, large-scale genotyping, pharmacogenomics, patient stratification, and biomarker discovery studies. With Genedata Expertise on Demand, our scientists work alongside your scientists to satisfy your specific requirements.

Learn more about Genedata's data science capabilities from the EpifemCare, Cvgenes@target, HUMAN and Newgeneris EU research consortia.

Your organization does not have Genedata Profiler and/or lacks in-house resources

Using Genedata Profiler, our scientists analyze your data based on your scientific goals (e.g. biomarker or patient stratification) and deliver the results back to you as a report. This type of project suits smaller organizations that may not have in-house infrastructure or bioinformatics teams, or larger organizations facing short-term resource constraints.

Your organization has Genedata Profiler but is facing resource/expertise limitations

Our scientists work with your Genedata Profiler platform to execute the project based on your scientific goals, providing results and interpretation through the software for your team to work on further as needed. This type of project suits organizations facing project-related resource constraints that limit their ability to analyse clinical genomic information, for example from new, unfamiliar data sets.

Your organization needs help but wants to work with the data as well

In this case, Genedata provides a hosted (cloud) version of Genedata Profiler for your organization and our scientists work with your team to provide assistance and expertise as needed. Your scientists have access to the Genedata Profiler software for further processing analysis or interpretation. This type of project suits small- to medium-sized organizations that have expertise but limited in-house infrastructure and perhaps are not ready to invest fully in further infrastructure. In contrast to traditional cloud-based genomics providers, this approach offers a combination of infrastructure and expertise to help your organization achieve its scientific goals quickly.

Your organization needs some help with a specific issue

In this case, Genedata scientists can provide help and advice for:

  • Planning and designing experiments and studies (sample sizes, etc.);
  • Pre-processing experimental data (quality assessment, outlier detection, etc.);
  • Integrating different data sets to enable integrative analysis;
  • Statistical analysis of studies and their scientific interpretation;
  • Interpreting biological data (pathway mapping, network analysis).