Genedata Expressionist


Genedata Expressionist® is the comprehensive software platform for MS-based metabolomics studies. It efficiently processes raw MS data from any vendor and from multiple analytical platforms (e.g. LC-MS, GC-MS) through an automated workflow-based processing system. Scalable architecture and optimized algorithms enable processing and analysis of the large multidimensional datasets generated in metabolomics. Rich visualization and sophisticated statistics facilitate analysis and interpretation of complex data.

  • Enterprise client-server software architecture for parallelized and efficient data processing ensures short computation time
  • Interactive workflows for in-depth characterization and automated workflows for rapid and reproducible analysis across batches
  • Metabolite identification through integrated libraries searches (e.g. NIST, HMDB, custom libraries) using MS, MS/MS, and retention indexes
  • Quantification for non-targeted profiling and for targeted metabolomics
  • Refined algorithms for signal processing maximize sensitivity, unveiling low-abundant metabolites
  • Robust signal alignment, including retention time, for accurate quantification across measurements and replicates
  • Intuitive visualization tools enable explorative data analysis on large data sets and facilitate overview and quality control of MS data (e.g. PCA, PLS, unsupervised clustering, network analyses, data normalization)
  • Multidimensional data visualization uncovers hidden features such as co-eluting peaks and provides a complete view on the chromatograms of entire projects
  • Advanced data analysis for complex data interpretation supporting multivariate statistical tests (e.g. parametric and non-parametric tests, mixed linear model, ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple testing corrections, trend identification, and time series analyses)
  • Sophisticated data mining capabilities (e.g. decision trees, SVM, linear discriminant analysis, feature selection methods, cross validation)
  • Dedicated data management module for storage and sharing of raw and processed data within and across projects