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Transform R&D Data into Actionable Insights. 

Genedata Profiler® standardizes and automates the integration of a variety of data from in-house and external data sources. It empowers you to create fit-for-purpose data products for effective analysis and secure collaboration.

Data Management System

The Single Source of Truth.
For All Your Data.

Have all your data accessible via a secure, high-performance data management system, from raw files, processed, and harmonized data to analysis-ready datasets and reports. Easily import data from different external file systems, or federate public and proprietary databases, including LIMS and sample management systems. Make data even more discoverable and usable by creating data products: the right data for the right person at the right time.

With Genedata Profiler, your data is secure and FAIR. Whether you share data within/across teams or collaborate with external partners such as CROs, you can ensure your sensitive data assets remain secure and access controlled.

Easily Build Your Workflows

High-Dimensional Raw Data.
Processed Quickly.

Automate the processing and QC of NGS, Digital Pathology, Mass Spectrometry, Single-Cell, or any other molecular data. Streamline complex analysis pipelines with our ready-to-use workflows or incorporate your workflows. Analyze hundreds of samples in hours rather than days and inspect the data at each step.

With Genedata Profiler, the entire raw data life cycle is under your control.

Easily Harmonize & Integrate Data

Integrated Datasets.
Leverage the Value.

Easily harmonize and integrate data within or across studies, combining multi-omics, biomarker, phenotype, and clinical data. Build application-specific data products via pre-configured workflows or programmatically for each group of data consumers without data duplication.

Ensure data security via fine-grained access controls. Whether you work in an exploratory or GxP environment, Genedata Profiler empowers you to maintain control of your most valuable asset: your data.

Flexible APIs for Easy Integration

Insightful Visualizations.
Easily Explore Data.

Whether you are a data scientist, statistician, or translational researcher, get the most out of your data. Perform a wide range of advanced analyses from summary statistics and survival analyses to machine learning and other AI-based approaches using Analyst, our out-of-the-box, interactive tool for data mining and visualization. Or, leverage the programming language of your choice (R, Python, or SAS) to benefit from further flexibility.

With Genedata Profiler, you can easily connect to business intelligence services like Tableau, Spotfire, or PowerBI for extended visualization. Our flexible APIs allow for easy integration with any other third-party analytical tool. However you prefer to work, your data is always securely managed within Genedata Profiler®.

Accelerate your Time-to-Value

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