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Transform Patient Data
into Valuable Insights

Genedata Profiler® standardizes and automates the integration of all translational and clinical research data across in-house and external data sources. It allows you to leverage advanced custom analytics and visualizations to securely collaborate and share scientific insights.

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Data Management System

The Single Source of Truth.
For All Your Data.

Have all your data in a high performance, secure data management system, from raw files, processed, and harmonized data to analysis-ready datasets and reports. Easily automate data import from external file systems and public and proprietary databases, including LIMS and sample management systems. Make your data even more valuable with fully searchable metadata.

Your data, secure and FAIR. Whether you collaborate with external partners such as CROs or share data in your team, your sensitive patient data is secure with fine-grained user access and permission management.

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Easily Build Your Workflows

High-Dimensional Raw Data.
Processed Quickly.

Automate data processing and QC for raw data from any experiment such as NGS, microarrays, MS, and IHC. Streamline complex analysis pipelines with ready-to-use workflows. We provide hundreds of out-of-the-box algorithms yet give you the option to plug in your own for added flexibility.

Or, quickly build your workflows with simple drag-and-drop capabilities. Just add files, specify parameters and run the workflow. Hundreds of genomes analyzed in hours rather than days. Visually inspect the data at each step—the whole raw data life cycle is under your control (find more about all the newly added features).

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Easily Harmonize & Integrate Data

Integrated Datasets.
Leverage the Value.

Easily harmonize and integrate data within or across studies, combine multi-omics, biomarker, and clinical data. Build integrated, analysis-ready datasets with automated workflows to unlock actionable insights. Simply select, filter, and join data tables to answer your most important scientific questions.

Empower your scientists and clinicians to access and explore data in the fastest and safest way with a high-performance analytics database and user-specific permission rights. Analysis-ready datasets are updated in real-time, including revocation of consent, which means that sensitive patient information is always protected.

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Flexible APIs for Easy Integration

Insightful Visualizations.
Easily Explore Data.

Perform sophisticated statistical analyses with Analyst, our out-of-the-box, interactive tool for data mining and visualization. It features a huge selection of statistical methods from summary statistics and survival analyses to machine learning algorithms.

Or simply connect to other analytical services for data visualizations such as RStudio, Tableau, Spotfire, PowerBI, or Jupyter. Our flexible APIs allow for easy integration with your preferred third-party tools so that you can create your own dashboards. Regardless of your choice, your data is always securely managed within Genedata Profiler®.

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