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Enable Innovation in Precision Medicine

Uncover actionable insights from your translational and clinical research data. Discover novel biomarkers. Design smarter clinical trials. Identify targeted therapies and repurpose existing drugs. 

Translational Research. Reversed.

Translational Research. Reversed.

Leverage the full collection of your discovery and preclinical data to select the compounds with the highest probability of success for clinical development.

De-silo your data from ongoing and completed clinical studies and use it to design successful clinical trials. Discover and validate predictive biomarkers of drug response, use molecular markers for early detection of adverse events, find the best combination therapy, and develop new therapies faster.

Data flow from research to the clinic and back again. Realize the promise of bedside-to-benchtop research.

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Go/No-Go Decisions. Data-Informed. Early.

Go/No-Go Decisions.
Data-Informed. Early.

If you focus on the innovation, expansion, and diversification of your research pipeline, gates in drug discovery, preclinical development, and in phase I or II provide decision points for important evaluations.

The best decisions are made with a holistic view of all the data. Whether you are exploring drug response, demonstrating drug activity, characterizing drug effect, or describing drug efficacy or safety, with Genedata Profiler you have all your data in one place, FAIR, and secure.

Make data-informed and early go/no-go decisions for successful clinical trials, which bring life-saving drugs to patients faster.

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The Full Power of Multi-Omics. Unlocked.

The Full Power of Multi-Omics. Unlocked.

High-throughput technologies have revolutionized medical research. Are you running genomics or transcriptomics projects to detect mutations, chromosomal alterations, or global gene expression levels? Or are you investigating epigenetic changes such as DNA methylation or histone acetylation in your patient cohort? 

Regardless of the technology you use to produce data—by NGS, IHC, microarrays, MS, or other omic approaches such as transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, or microbiomics—we have you covered. Bring multi-omics and clinical data securely together to unlock actionable insights. Precision medicine at your fingertips.

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