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Enable Innovation in Precision Medicine

Unlock actionable insights from all your R&D data to determine the right target, right tissue, right patient, right safety, and right commercial potential.

Translational Research. Reversed.

Translational Research. Iterative.

Leverage data from discovery, early and late stages of clinical development, as well as real-world environments. Integrate this data to extract knowledge for application across the entire drug life cycle to:     

  • Better characterize disease mechanisms
  • Select compounds with the highest probability of success 
  • Understand the mechanism of action of drugs 
  • Evaluate drug safety 
  • Discover and validate biomarkers 
  • Decipher patient molecular variability 

Together, these applications will reduce the attrition rate of your therapies in development and improve your chances of clinical success.                  

Go/No-Go Decisions. Data-Informed. Early.

Go/No-Go Decisions.
Data-Informed. Early.

The gates in drug discovery, preclinical development, CMC, and phase I or II clinical trials provide decision points for innovating, expanding, and diversifying your research pipeline. We are here to support you throughout the process.

The best decisions are made with a holistic view of all available data. Whether you are exploring drug response, demonstrating drug activity, characterizing drug effect, or assessing drug efficacy and safety, Genedata Profiler ensures all your data is in one place, FAIR, and secure.

Make early data-informed go/no-go decisions at any stage of drug development to bring life-saving therapeutics to patients faster.

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The Full Power of Multi-Omics. Unlocked.

The Full Power of Multi-Omics. Unlocked.

Running genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, or metabolomics projects to detect molecular alterations associated with treatment response? Or, are you analyzing patient tumor microenvironments using imaging and single-cell technologies?

High-throughput technologies have revolutionized medical research. Regardless of the technology you use to produce data e.g. from NGS, Digital Pathology, Mass Spectrometry, and Single-Cell to Wearable devices, we have you covered. Integrate molecular, phenotypic, and other data to unlock actionable scientific insights.

Precision medicine at your fingertips.

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