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Assess the Impact of Improved Clinical Trial Success Rates on Drug Candidate Value

Capture the impact of improved clinical trial success rates on the Net Present Value (rNPV) of your assets with the ROI calculator below. The NPV is a method used to calculate and assess the value of early drug candidates. It takes into account the projected value of the target market, the initial investment, project duration, discount rate, cash flow, risks, and the probability of clinical trial success. 

Clinical trial success rates can be drastically improved by facilitating better data-driven decisions at each stage of drug development. This is enabled by Genedata Profiler®- the collaborative software solution that helps scientists to unlock valuable insights from all data across preclinical and clinical programs. By breaking data silos for efficient integration, analysis and visualization, Genedata Profiler allows scientists to benefit from accurate patient selection and stratification for successful clinical trials. 

We developed the ROI calculator below to illustrate the value of a precision medicine strategy. Change the success rates of the different clinical trial phases to understand the effect of its improvement on the value (rNPV) of your drug candidate. 

ROI Calculator

Unsuccessful clinical trials significantly reduce the rNPV of drug development programs and negatively impact out-licensing, valuation of portfolios, or the entire company. By adopting precision medicine strategies such as patient profiling, innovative trial design, and reverse translation, you can increase the success rate of clinical trials and ultimately, the value (rNPV) of your drug candidates. 

AstraZeneca successfully transformed its R&D productivity by implementing a precision medicine strategy as part of the 5R framework. More and more biotechnology companies are embracing this approach by adopting advanced technological tools that enable the integration and reuse of data across all clinical programs for enhanced decision-making.

Picture your teams and partners routinely using Genedata Profiler to benefit from a data-driven approach that increases clinical trial success rates of targeted precision therapies. The above ROI Calculator helps you to visualize this crucial impact.

Improve Your Clinical Trial Success Rates with Genedata Profiler!