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R&D Leaders Trust Genedata Screener

Genedata Screener® reflects our more than 15 years of experience in research IT and scientific analysis software. Scientists and R&D professionals globally have successfully used Genedata Screener® to increase their efficiency and advance their research.

Continuing Success.

Top pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and academic research centers worldwide trust Genedata Screener. Time and time again, we see Genedata Screener help these organizations shorten discovery and development cycles, reduce their costs, and successfully reach their goals..

SPR Analysis with Genedata Screener

Making Discovery More Effective.

Before implementing Genedata Screener across its research sites, AstraZeneca was challenged to standardize its data analysis. Each site had its own set of legacy tools for plate-based data analysis. Data sharing among screening groups was sub-optimal, resulting in inconsistent quality of data analysis. All that changed in 2013 when Genedata Screener was globally deployed, empowering AstraZeneca to:

  • Increase output and reporting of data in its corporate warehouse.
  • Deliver cutting-edge compound combinations analysis.
  • Unify analysis across a range of assay technologies and instruments, including the Biacore SPR instruments, Thermofluor, and DMPK analysis.

Genedata Screener helped make more preclinical data available to projects at AstraZeneca and advanced the company’s leadership in drug discovery screening. The AstraZeneca/Genedata partnership continues to flourish with the development of additional analysis solutions, such as those for high throughput mass spec screening and other projects

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