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A Comprehensive Platform for RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery at Axxam

Axxam has developed a full suite of assays for RNA-targeting drug discovery, from reporter assays for detecting splice variants to TR-FRET assays for assessing RNA-protein interactions. Supporting this experimental platform is a dedicated Data Sciences group tasked with providing high-performance data analysis for all early discovery activities. To achieve such performance, Axxam has chosen Genedata Screener for data analysis and management across all assays and screening cascades.

Genedata Screener enabled:

  • Streamlined data analysis and management for the broad spectrum of assay technologies we cover, through a single software platform.
  • Transparent decision-making and hit selection based on results from across orthogonal assays.
  • Rapid and automated processing and quality control using purpose-built methods and interactive visualizations.

We illustrate these benefits using two examples: a high-throughput screening campaign for protein-tRNA interactions and a qPCR-based screen for mRNA splicing events.

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