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Deeply Scientific.
Highly Collaborative.

Our team of data scientists, quality assurance, and IT specialists helps you boost your in-house expertise to ensure seamless adoption of Genedata Profiler® and get the most insights from your data. 

Data Science Services. On-Demand Expertise.

Data Science Services.
On-Demand Expertise.

Regardless of whether you lack the in-house data infrastructure, have limited specialist knowledge, or face project-related resource constraints, our scientists can analyze your data and send results to you in a detailed report. We are ready to help you achieve your scientific goals.

Our Data Science Services experts advise you from the planning and design of experiments and studies to statistical analysis and scientific interpretations such as pathway mapping and network analysis.

We provide full support across the whole data life cycle, from raw data processing and analysis, to the harmonization and integration of data from dispersed data sources, to insightful visualizations. We help you unlock the full power of integrated data sets.

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Easy Configuration & Implementation

In Your Environment.

Our software is easily implemented with precise analysis and careful planning, including a detailed examination of your scientific, business, and technical requirements.

Whether it’s software implementation, configuration, customization, or workflow optimization—in the cloud or on premises—we have you covered.

Genedata Profiler was developed to the highest quality standards (QMS) and can be deployed and validated in GxP environments. We support you with IQ, OC, PQ, and SOP documentation. Once implemented, we help you onboard your users with on-site training and continuous support.

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