Genedata Screener

Supporting All Your Instruments

Genedata Screener provides a platform where scientists can analyze all their data in the same workflow, leading to improved analysis speed, results quality, and collaboration across the research organization.

Screener Compatibility

Genedata Screener supports the import of numerical data from plate-based instruments, regardless of plate format and number of numerical features per well. In addition, Genedata Screener can import data such as time- or temperature-series, and cellular feature vectors generated in flow cytometry or high content screening (HCS) assays. The data import for all these types of data is handled by import APIs based on Python or Java, which parse the data sources for well values and associated meta data and transmit them to the Genedata Screener workflow. Such implementations for data import are often very specific to the customer’s workflow and typically maintained by the customer. However, we provide sample and start implementations.

Screener Ready-to-Run

In addition to the described compatibility of Genedata Screener, specific API implementations are available for selected instruments and environments. These integrations were developed by Genedata to provide customers with out-of-the-box integrations for complex screening technologies such as HCS or automatic patch clamp (APC). These require little to no configuration and are referred to as Ready-to-Run integrations. The integrations are instrument specific, come with defined functionality, and are maintained by Genedata as part of a software license agreement. Below is a list of instruments currently supported by the Ready-to-Run program.

Vendor Instrument/Environment Screener Area/
Stand-alone Implementation
BMG LABTECH™ CLARIOstar®* Screener
BMG LABTECH™ SPECTROstar® Nano* Screener
BMG LABTECH™ Omega Series* Screener
Creoptix® Wave* Screener for Biophysical Screening
Creoptix® WaveDelta* Screener for Biophysical Screening
IntelliCyt® iQue® Screener Screener for HT-Flow
IntelliCyt® iQue® Screener HD Screener for HT-Flow
IntelliCyt® iQue® Screener PLUS Screener for HT-Flow
Labcyte™ Inc. Echo® Liquid Handlers
[requires Echo® Combination Screen Software]
Screener for Combination Screening
Labcyte™ Inc. Access™ Workstation
[requires Echo® Combination Screen Software]
Screener for Combination Screening
Molecular Devices ImageXpress® Micro Systems
[requires MDCStore™ Solution]
Screener for HCS
Molecular Devices MetaXpress® Software
[requires MDCStore™ Solution]
Screener for HCS
Nanion® SyncroPatch 384PE Screener for Ion Channel Screening
ThermoFisher Scientific Cellomics™ Store
[accessed via HCS Connect]
Screener for HCS
TTP Labtech acumen® Cellista* Screener
TTP Labtech mirrorball®* Screener

*Integration under development.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Is your instrument not on the list? Take a look at the Integrations tab on this page, or contact us directly. We are collaborating with many instrument vendors and will add integrations based on market need.

Detailed information on how we support these instruments, applicable software versions, and functional additions and restrictions can be requested from Or, if you already are a customer, contact your Scientific Account Manager.

Integrations with Screener

As most integrations are installed and maintained by our customers, we do not have a full list of all instruments and software currently running with Screener. However, below are some examples we know are used at customer sites, ordered by vendor.

Acea Biosciences: xCELLigence RTCA HT
BD Biosciences: BD Pathway™
BioTek: Synergy™ 4
BMG Labtech: PHERAstar FS, FLUOstar Omega, LUMIstar Omega
Corning: Corning™ Epic™
Definiens (HCS)
Essen BioScience: IncuCyte ZOOM
GE Healthcare: IN Cell 2000, IN Cell 2200, IN Cell 3000, IN Cell 6000, IN Cell Investigator
Hamamatsu: FDSS7000Ex
Luminex: Luminex™ 100/200™
Molecular Devices: ImageXpress™, Cellkey™, FLIPR™, IonWorks Barracuda™, IonWorks™ Quattro, IonFlux™, SpectraMax™
PerkinElmer: EnVision™, EnSpire™, Opera™, Operetta™, Columbus, Acapella™, Harmony™, LabChip® EZ Reader, LumiLux™, MicroBeta™, ViewLux™ uHTS, TopCount, VICTOR™ X
Roche: LightCycler™
Tecan: Infinite™ 200 PRO
ThermoFisher: ArrayScan™
TTP Labtech: acumen™ Cellista
Yokogawa: CellVoyager™ CV6000

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Collaborate to Integrate with Genedata Screener

Genedata Screener has customers among most of the major pharmaceutical companies, where our screening analysis solutions are applied within a great range of technologies. If you would like your systems to connect directly to the Screener software and thereby be easily accessible to our customers, we can collaborate with you to create a Genedata Screener Ready-to-Run integration package.

A Ready-to-Run package offers a functionally rich integration between a screening instrument and Genedata Screener. This allows companies that are already running a Screener installation to easily add your instrument to their screening workflow and to run their analyses using methods of their choice.

By collaborating with us to create a Ready-to-Run integration package you gain the right to market your system as Screener compatible, to use our Ready-to-Run logo, and to participate when and where we market the Ready-to-Run program.

Contact us directly to discuss a possible Genedata Screener Ready-to-Run integration package.