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A Solution Built on Science

Genedata Screener® gives you world-class, tailored support from domain experts in screening assays, science, and research IT. Our scientifically-trained team works to configure innovative software based on your needs and the latest screening science.

Working with You to Build the Right Solution.

Working with You
to Build the Right Solution.

We don’t just work for you, but with you: we strive to engage deeply with our customers, whether discussing science or collaborating to achieve their business goals. Our support team of scientifically-trained professionals brings both biological and technical know-how to the table. We are happy to help with everything from assisting with building new analysis methods to a comprehensive assessment of how Genedata Screener can best be configured for your organization, including integrating with your IT infrastructure and on-premises or cloud-based hosting.

Software that Evolves with Science.

Software that
Evolves with Science.

In our digital world, it’s more important than ever to use the right software solutions to ready ourselves and our data for new and powerful decision-making methods. This requires us to label, analyze, and store our data correctly, and in ways best suited to science.  

Since the first release of Genedata Screener in 2002, our software has evolved in tight conjunction with the latest and most innovative R&D industry approaches. Our team members, who have Ph.D.-level research backgrounds, understand your science and bring that collective knowledge to inform our software and ensure it has the right features and workflows to support your R&D. Adhering to an agile development process, our development team strives to create software that incorporates web-based design and modern architecture.

Genedata Screener User Meeting

The Genedata Screener Community.

We’re proud of a strong and engaged Genedata Screener community comprising some of the top scientists and IT professionals in the industry. Through global annual user group meetings and symposia, Genedata Screener users share knowledge on improving research methodologies and efficiency through smart and strategic use of data analysis software.

You can meet our team of experts at key industry conferences where we share the latest R&D developments and collect your valuable insights. Join us also for regular webinars where you can learn about new features and optimize your use of Genedata Screener.

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